Windows and skylights can be a significant source of heat loss; according to Natural Resources Canada, this number stands at 35 percent! And with Canada’s climate, this simply won’t do.

Single-pane windows—still found in many Canadian homes—are the most inefficient windows. Double-pane windows, and now, more recently, ultra high-efficiency windows have become increasingly popular due to their better insulation.

If you’re thinking of getting insulated windows but aren’t entirely sold on the idea yet, here are some solid reasons to make the switch.

They prevent heat loss

Quite simply, insulated windows prevent heat from escaping and cold from getting in. You can enjoy the warmth of your home without cranking up the radiator to the max as a result. They keep the temperature of your home stable, and you, thus, don’t have to deal with extreme temperatures in the winters or summers.

They protect you and your belongings

Insulated windows prevent overexposure to harmful UV rays that could damage your skin and are known to cause cancer. If you’re someone who enjoys cozying up next to a window in the winter, you don’t have to worry about getting a sunburn anymore!

Insulated windows are also better for your furniture. Leather, wood, and plastic all start to discolour and deteriorate if they’re placed in direct sunlight for too long. With insulated windows, you can decorate your room with ease, knowing that the sunlight won’t ruin any of your upholstery or furniture.

Finally, insulated windows are thicker and, as a result, are much harder to break. This means your house will be more likely to withstand events such as a snowstorm or hail.

Plus, this heightened durability also deters break-ins through the windows, keeping you and your family safe.

They increase savings

While you may have to pay money upfront to buy and properly install insulated windows, they’re an excellent investment in your home. Studies show that the energy consumed by heating systems makes up the largest component of your energy bill. Insulated windows can lower your energy bills by decreasing heating costs.

They also improve the resale value of your home—many homebuyers today are looking for homes that have energy-efficient components. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), homebuyers are willing to pay an additional $8,728 upfront on a home where they can save $1,000 every year on utility bills.

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