The fog or condensation that collects on mirrors and glass can be hard to deal with—checking your appearance after a steamy shower becomes a nearly impossible task when this happens.

Bathroom mirrors fog up because the steam in the air turns into water droplets, which then distort light just enough to make the mirror look hazy.

On average, there is 0.2–0.4% water vapour in the air. This varies depending on the temperature. When temperatures cool, water vapour liquefies. When temperatures are around 0° C, this vapour freezes— giving it a foggy look.

To deal with this impaired visibility, people opt for anti-fog glasses/ mirrors or anti-fog films.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in anti-fog mirrors:

Better Visibility in the Bathroom

One of the benefits of having non-misting or anti-fog mirrors is that they offer a lot of convenience in the mornings when you are in a rush. Suppose you are someone who enjoys starting the day with a hot shower; installing an anti-fog mirror could potentially save you a lot of time in the mornings. You can enjoy crystal clear vision to perform your morning routine: shaving, cleansing, etc.

Better Visibility on the Road

Many people opt to weatherproof their car windows and mirrors to reduce the risk of accidents.  Driver impairment plays a crucial role in road accidents some of which result in deaths.

There has been a considerable decrease in road accidents in developed countries since they have taken preventative measures—one was improving vehicular visibility. According to the Population Reference Bureau, road traffic fatalities have decreased in Canada by 63% between 1975–1988. Anti-fog films and mirrors reduce the amount of fog that collects on mirror/glass surfaces. They protect your driving line of sight in tricky weather conditions.

Like we mentioned earlier, fog is more likely to occur in areas that experience weather below 0°C. Canada is one such country. Weather-related accidents include fog, and according to statistics, winter precipitation makes up for more than 50,000 accidents per year.

Less Upkeep

Some people may look into thrifty hacks to save a few bucks. At-home remedies such as rubbing soap on your mirror or wiping it down with vinegar seem to be effective as well. But isn’t the point to save time?

These hacks require repetition to be useful, and no one wants to perform last-minute activities when they are running late. Thus, fogless-mirrors and films are a long-lasting alternative in that sense. They do not require upkeep and aren’t very expensive either.

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