A church with a stained glass painting.

Stained glass is any glass that has been coloured, painted, or sculpted. It has been in existence for over a thousand years, and in that time, it has been extensively used in churches and religious institutions.

Famous stained-glass windows include the dome of the Chicago Cultural Center and the Windows of Saint Chapelle. Apart from appearing beautiful, stained glass is also less likely to show dirt, debris, or deteriorations. However, maintaining it can help ensure that it lasts for years:

Regular Maintenance

While stained glass masks dirt accumulation, this can also be negative for its long-term sustainability. Dirt and debris can make glass weaker, and if you don’t notice it, there is a major chance of the problem exacerbating. Furthermore, since stained glass is coloured, over time, the glass is going to deteriorate.

To combat this, it’s important to clean it every day. The glass should be clear of dirt and debris. If any signs of deterioration are noticed, it’s important to contact a professional to have them repaired.

Crack and Chips

Like other forms of glass, stained glass is also vulnerable to cracks and chips. However, the colour of stained glass makes cracks and chips harder to identify.

Additionally, because of the stain, the glass requires less heat to expand. This makes cracks more vulnerable to spreading and being harder to notice promptly. Therefore, stained glass needs to be regularly checked for any damages and chips. Using superglue or nail polish can temporarily slow its spread; however, a more long-term treatment would be to have it repaired by a professional.

Stained Glass Restoration

There are situations when a full-scale restoration may be needed for stained glass. Stained glass is usually meant to last for a long time. Over that passage, heat expands the glass, and therefore, the metal may not fit the glass, and the bars may collapse. A full-scale glass replacement or restoration might then be necessary.

Before stained glass is restored, it’s important to clean other aspects of the glass and reinforce its structure.

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