While getting small cracks and minor rock chips repaired is affordable, a heavily damaged windshield requires a full-fledged replacement that might cost you a fortune.

Even if your vehicle is insured, you’ll have to pay a certain amount in deductibles on your windshield replacement.

But What Is a Deductible?

A car insurance deductible is an agreed upon amount of money that the owner of the vehicle pays toward repairs before the insurance company covers the rest of the repair amount.

While insurance covers a major chunk of the damages, you are required to pay a deductible that may range between $100 to $2000, depending on the damage. But because it’s still a significant amount, it’s always nice to have it waived.

In this blog, we’ll discuss three circumstances where you can skip the insurance deductible for a more pocket-friendly windshield replacement.

Collision Coverage

If you were involved in a car crash that occurred due to another driver’s fault, your standard collision insurance will pay for any damages.

No matter their extent, all the costs for the windshield replacement or repairs will be covered by insurance, including the deductible.

Comprehensive Coverage

Vehicle owners who have comprehensive insurance are likely to be covered for many types of windshield damage, including smash-and-grab damage, vandalism, hail storm damage, road debris damage, and damage caused by natural disasters and animals.

With this type of insurance coverage, deductibles are waived for windshield repairs and replacements, no matter the cause. Always check the terms and limitations of your insurance policy before paying a deductible to an auto glass replacement shop.

Zero Deductible Coverage

Many cities allow car owners to upgrade their current car insurance policies to zero deductible policies. This means you’re not required to pay a deductible amount for windshield replacements.

Many drivers delay windshield replacements because of high costs, putting their lives, and their passengers’ lives, at risk. These policies are held in place to encourage drivers to get timely repairs and replacements to make roads safer for everyone.

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