If your windshield is damaged and you need to get it repaired, go to a professional to get it fixed. A professional has the right tools, expertise, and experience to deal with all sorts of windshield issues. However, if you don’t work with a professional, you may face some common problems post windshield replacement. These include:

1. Leakage Around the Glass

If you notice drops of water on the windshield, check for leakage. Sprinkle water through a pipe on your windshield; if you notice water entering the car, you’ve found the problem. Windshield leakage can become a problem in heavy rain, where water can enter your car and leave a smell inside. In case of a windshield leakage, contact the person who installed it immediately.

2. Distorted Windshield  

Another problem you could face is with the shape of the glass. To drive properly, you need a straight glass without any distortion in your view. The windshield gets distorted when the glass has lost its shape either due to excessive heating or cooling. This distortion is very dangerous because it can misguide you, leading to car accidents.

3. Fake Support for the Roof

Windshields support the roof of the car and make sure that the shape of the car remains intact. If you see a problem with the shape or the installation of the windshield, it’ll affect other parts of the car too. Since the pressure of support would be uneven or at the wrong place, it can come out of its place anytime due to extra pressure.

Windshields are rigid and do not break easily. But if you’re not careful with the installation, it can get damaged due to the pressure of the sudden brake.

1. Constant Whooshing Sound

If you hear a constant sound of movements, you need to be alert. You may hear this sound when the windshield is not installed properly, and there’s a gap that is allowing the air to pass and make the noise. You need to get your windshield checked immediately to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

If you’re looking to get your windshield repaired, check out our services and make an informed decision. If you’ve any queries, feel free to connect with us! We provide winshield replacement and repair services in Edmonton.

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