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You surely want to maintain a pristine car. A good operational capacity enhances the driver and passenger’s experience and the car’s overall aesthetic appeal.

When buying a car, customers are super conscious about its color, model, design, comfort, and efficiency. But they seldom consider the quality and make of windshields. Windshields play a significant role in supporting your car’s structure. The front windshield accounts for 40% of the structural safety, whereas the cabin provides 60% of the total support.

Therefore, being an integral restraint system of your vehicle, the windshields require regular & professional maintenance. You must consider four critical factors when hiring a windshield repair & replacement service provider in Edmonton, Alberta.

1.   License and Certification

Immediately rule out unlicensed windshield repair and replacement companies. Ensure that the service provider has the necessary authorizations and affiliations.

Moreover, the technicians working at the company should be well-trained and licensed. Getting the job done by expert personnel ensures the best quality of services.

Authorized windshield service providers adhere to industry standards when training their workers and familiarize them with all kinds of issues in an auto windshield.

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2.   Affordability

Windshield repair and replacement shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Crystal Glass commits to providing services at affordable prices. You can get their free estimate for your car window maintenance and repair.

Pro Tip: To provide you with an accurate online quote and determine the details surrounding your auto glass repair/replacement, your auto glass technicians will need to know a few pieces of information. When getting an online quote, make sure you enter the correct make year, model, and vehicle style (e.g. Sedan, Hatchback).

3.   Availability

Auto windshields are an integral constituent of your car’s structure. Prolonging the delay in its maintenance or repair can lead to a severe problem. Hence, you should choose a windshield repair service that is available in all of Western Canada.

4.   Warranty

Always look for a windshield service provider that offers a lifetime warranty on the repair and replacement products & services. Guaranteed solutions are reliable and indicate the trustworthiness of the company.

Pro Tip: Thoroughly read any necessary information regarding laws and terms of use provided by the service facility.

Crystal Glass has been providing unparalleled windshield repair and replacement services to its values customers since 1949. Contact us now to get the best mobile service windshield service.

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