4 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Windshield

4 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Windshield

Many people don’t realize the need for a windshield replacement or repair unless told by an auto repair glass shop. You may have doubts about their assessment but it’s always safe to get it checked for precautionary measures. You might think it’s not important to look for the credibility of the auto glass company, but the truth is—it certainly is. You and your family’s safety, relies on the quality of their work.  If they compromise the quality of the windshield, you ultimately compromise your safety—and your family’s.

In an accident, a strong windshield will keep you protected inside your car and any debris from coming in while driving. You might now have an idea as to how important the credibility of your auto glass company can be.

Here’s a list of 4 questions that you must ask before getting your windshield replaced:

1. For how long should I not drive my vehicle after the repair?

Atleast for an hour, following the replacement”—the answer is simple! But only for a credible auto glass repair and replacement company—like us! If the repairer tells you to start driving right away, move on and don’t look back. Driving away with the car soon after the repair can affect the setting of your windshield, causing more danger in the long run.

2. “Can I be there at your physical location while my windshield is being replaced?

This will tell you whether the company is trustworthy not. If they agree, they might be the right people because they don’t want to keep that information from you. A firm that does it with poor quality only does it under the shades so that no one can point out where they are going wrong.

3. “Are your technicians trained and certified to install windshields?

This is an important one. Windshield is the most important element of your vehicle. According to research, it accounts to almost 60% of the vehicle’s safety. The Auto Glass Repair Safety Council made it compulsory for all the auto glass repair companies to get the AGRSS certification for their companies that signify the credibility and work quality of their technicians.

4. “What are the materials you use for glazing and adhesive purposes? Do they comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards?

The materials they use should meet or exceed ANSI Z 26.1 standard that ensures;

  • Reduced negative impact of any damage to glass surface on the driver’s well being.
  • Required degree of transparency for driver’s visibility.

Make sure that the auto glass repair companies you select abide by the guidelines for glazing materials, adhesive quality and other standards outlined by the government to ensure your own safety.

If you’re out of town and you need a windshield repair or replacement, you will come across many options to choose from a trustworthy auto glass repair company. But if you’re anywhere in Alberta (Edmonton), British Columbia or Saskatchewan you know to call Crystal Glass on 310-GLAS for your auto glass repair—we will reach wherever you are! With our 24-7 emergency service for the past 65 years, we take care of our clients’ lives, safety and security.

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