As of August of 2021, there has been a total of 2,331 deaths reported in Alberta alone from Coronavirus disease. This is a distressing statistic.

Covid-19 is transmitted when an infected person disperses droplets called aerosols that carry the virus from their nose into the air. It’s most commonly transmitted through sneezing, coughing, or talking. Though it is less common, it can also be transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces.

However, Personal Protective Barriers can help reduce the risk of viral transmission. Not sure how that works? Here are 5 things you should know about Personal Protective Barrier (PPB).

1. Personal Protective Barriers Prevent Transmission 
These barriers can form a physical separation between an infected person and an uninfected person. Plexiglas barriers are non-porous and they can provide protection in your workplace from surface contamination. These barriers support social distancing and minimize the chances of transmission significantly.

2. Recommended by the CDC
The CDC actually recommends installing Personal Protective Barriers, such as sneeze guards in all workplaces.

3. Personal Protective Barriers are Made from Different Materials
Plexiglass, lexan, and standard are three of the most common materials used for manufacturing PPBs. Plexiglass barriers are lightweight and scratch-resistant. They’re also stronger and do not get discolored easily.

Lexan is made from polycarbonate resin thermoplastic and is more flexible. If the application is supposed to be permanent, then standard glass is best as it’s more stable and doesn’t get scratched.

4. They were Invented in the 1950s
Johnny Garneau invented sneeze guards back in 1959 for his restaurant chain Smorgasbords to maintain optimal hygiene of the food prepared. As an indirect result, his invention has played a critical role in the prevention of Covid-19 spread.

5: Personal Protective Barriers are Easy to Install
It’s actually not that difficult to install a barrier. Every shield is designed slightly differently but there are two common kinds of sneeze guards: standing and hanging.

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