Windshields are known to be the most common insurance claim; in fact, it’s one of the reasons why car insurance premiums have increased across the board in Canada. They get damaged easier than other parts of a vehicle. Damaged windshields are a hazard to drive around, they restrict your view of the road and any additional pressure can cause it to shatter, which is why car owners must have it replaced immediately.

If you’ve recently had your windshield changed due to damage or scratches on the surface, there are a number of ways you can maintain your new windshield so that it lasts as long as possible.

Things to do after a windshield replacement

The first 48 hours of your new windshield is when it’s the most vulnerable. It needs to be protected to ensure no damage is incurred. Follow these tips once you have a new windshield installed:

Don’t drive around immediately

A new windshield is held in place with a urethane-based adhesive. This adhesive takes time to dry. Driving your car while this adhesive hasn’t set fully is dangerous. The windshield could move from its groove and shatter.

Make sure you’re not driving your car for at least two hours after the installation of a new windshield. If possible, it’s best to let this glue dry and cure until the next day.

Never slam the door

Opening and closing the doors of a car changes the pressure inside. This pressure can build up even more when you slam the doors. Since the adhesive isn’t fully cured, slamming the doors can exert pressure on the windshield, pushing it out of place, making it susceptible to damage.  To avoid this, make sure the doors are being closed gently and avoid any unnecessary changes in pressure.

Keep your hands off the tape

An adhesive tape is applied to the windshield to keep it in place while the adhesive dries and cures. Another important role this tape plays is to protect the seal from dust and debris which would otherwise compromise its integrity. Don’t remove the tape for a day or two. Gently remove the tape a couple of days after installation.

Don’t wash your vehicle for 24 hours

Hold off any car wash services you want to have done until a few days after the windshield installation. Don’t try doing it yourself. While the water won’t damage the seal, the high pressure from the water could puncture it.

Leave the window open a crack for 24 hours

During the day, the higher temperatures cause the air inside the car to expand. This leads to more pressure being applied to your windshield, which can make it move from its place. Keep the window open just a crack to let this air escape and maintain the pressure inside the vehicle.

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