The front of your building makes a significant impression. It’s crucial that you choose the right commercial glass for your storefront that doesn’t just look aesthetic but is also functional. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

Laminated Glass:

Laminated glass is made using layers of glass that are joined firmly with an interlayer of vinyl. After installing laminated glass, you don’t need to worry about flying glass pieces and injuring people in case of forced entry because of the durability of the bond between the glass.

Insulated Glass:

As the name suggests, insulated glass helps in maintaining indoor temperature. When it’s too hot outside, your store will remain cool, reducing your HVAC bills. And if you live in a cold country, you don’t need to worry about heat loss with these doors.

Tempered Glass:

Tempered glass is used as a safety glass. You can use it for storefronts because it causes minimum damage if it breaks. Like clear glass, you can use it for displaying products. If you live in a hot country, this is the best choice as they are heat resistant. But, do you know the best part about tempered glass doors? They are scratch-resistant, so you won’t need to change or modify them.

Clear Glass:

If you want to attract more and more customers by showcasing your unique products, opt for clear glass. You can put your best-selling items on display so that customers can see those while passing by your store and are obliged to walk in.

Soda Lime Glass:

A major reason soda-lime glass is used for windows is that they allow a lot of light to enter through them. It is also chemical resistant, which makes it a durable option.

Spandrel Glass:

Spandrel glass is opague. You can use these to complement the aesthetics of your store as they are available in different colors. These doors are mainly used for decoration purposes for storefronts.

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