They say that a window is the actual door to a home. It gives a sneak peek into the lives of the individuals that live inside.  

It not only plays a vital role in the aesthetics of your home but also the formation of its structure.

Imagine a house without any windows. It only makes the structure look unappealing; there would be no warmth, no natural light and no ventilation. It would be like an Alice in Wonderland moment come true.

In fact, people are now building tiny homes with recycled windows! But creative projects aside, poorly-installed windows can become a costly affair. They can make your home’s structure vulnerable to damage.

Here are 7 signs of a poorly-installed window:

1. Noise and Squeaks

This is the first sign of an improperly-installed window. When you try to shut the window, it’ll make a squeaky noise or a crackling sound.

You can’t pinpoint where the sound is coming from but you know it’s there. Perhaps it’s the frame? Perhaps it’s the wind? Actually, no, it’s neither. It’s the glass. The glass of the window wasn’t installed properly.

2. Gaps

One of the most obvious signs of a poorly-installed window is the gap between the frame and the window sill. What this means is that the technician who installed the window didn’t take the right measurements.

The window’s frame is too large for the glass. Either that or the technician picked a glass that was closest to the frame’s measurements.

This is extremely dangerous because if you have kids, they become vulnerable to getting hurt if they play near the window.

The glass can fall down any moment or shatter. It’s best to get it replaced immediately so no one gets injured.

3. Lack of Warmth

Another sign to look out for is if your home is breezier than usual. If you live in an area that isn’t windy, a lot of breeze means that your window wasn’t installed properly.

Another thing you’ll notice is an increase in your home’s energy consumption. Your heater will be used more to compensate for the lack of warm air.

This means a rise in utility bills.

4. Water Damage

A poorly-installed window won’t just bring cold air into your home. It will also be the cause of water damage.

This is because rain water will pour into your home through the windows. You’ll notice mould growing on the window frames, peeling paintwork and puffiness. Furthermore, it’ll do more damage to your home’s carpeting and walls than the windows.

5. Trouble Shutting the Windows

Another problem you’ll have is trouble closing the windows. As soon as you close them, they’ll reopen. No, it’s not the wind, it’s because the windows weren’t installed properly.

You’ll either have trouble opening them or shutting them.

6. Foggy Windows

Modern double-pane windows come equipped with gas in between the panes. This helps with insulating the window. An improperly-installed window becomes vulnerable to the seal breaking. Once it breaks, moisture seeps in.

The window panes become foggy and let rain water pour in.

If you wake up in the morning to find foggy windows, this is the reason why.

7. Sloppy Caulking

If you notice that the caulking around the window is sloppy or unfinished, it means that the installer took shortcuts. They were either in a hurry or did a poor job.

Either way, that’s not an excuse. The caulking should be done properly because it’s the first line of defence when it comes to holding the structure of the frame together.

When windows are properly installed, they maximize your home’s heating, lead to less utility costs and improve ventilation.

 But when replacing or repairing the glass of your windows, don’t just trust anybody. A reliable professional with experience is what you need!

This is where we come in!

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