It’s cute when kids fog up the car window and draw pictures on it with their fingers. But that turns your car windows into an oily fingerprinted-mess that can be very annoying and irritating to look at.

What makes it worse is the fact that you know how hard it can be to get rid of those marks.

We’re going to list down a few easy tips and tricks to help you lose those stubborn stains—no more streaks, scratches or residue!

Tip# 1: Pick the right auto-glass cleaner

You can’t use a common household window cleaner on your car—the tinting on your car windows and glass can get damaged by ammonia, drying out the rubber seals and any plastic, vinyl or leather.  Choose a cleaner that is free of alcohol and ammonia and does not contain any ingredients that may produce toxic fumes. Why you should avoid such products is not only for your car, but for other people and the environment as well. Toxic fumes, if inhaled, can be harmful to health and of course, they’re an environmental hazard too. In addition, try to get yourself a relatively dilute formula and if you end up getting a concentrated one by any chance, make sure to dilute it with distilled water before use.

Tip# 2: Choose the correct cleaning-towel

Have you been using that discarded t-shirt or those old newspapers to clean your car windows? If keeping your auto-glass and windows scratch-free is important to you, then you need to stop using those things right away.

More often than not, these materials catch the dirt and drag it all over the glass as you clean. This results in those new scratches that continue to mysteriously appear.

To avoid creating new scratches, all you need is a high quality, microfiber towel of at least 300 GSM. The science behind why microfiber towel is the best fabric to clean with is that it lifts up all the dirt and debris due to an electrostatic charge which prevents any dirt from being dragged across the glass surface.

Tip# 3: Leave the glass and windows for last

If and when you’re cleaning your car, both the exterior and the interior, you probably don’t want to have to redo any cleaning. It’s best to leave the windows and mirrors for the very end.  This way, you don’t have to worry about any stray spray and water from other cleaning agents to land on freshly-cleaned windows.

Tip# 4: Use a Buffing Motion!

It’s common for people to use the circular motion to clean their glass and windows. We’re not going to say it’s the wrong way to go about it, but you may want to try the buffing motion—a simple back-and-forth, followed by an up-and-down.

Do you know why this will work wonders for cleaning windows? Because it’ll most definitely remove those annoying lint and dust particles for sure. All that dirt and debris removed in one simple, effortless, step. Another factor that can help you achieve clean, streak-free, windows faster is spraying the cleaning agent on to the microfiber towel instead of directly on the glass surface.  

Tip# 5: Two different towels to clean and wipe

If you want to get that shiny, spotless, result after cleaning your windows then you’ll have to use some extra tricks and tactics to help you.

One such trick is to use a separate towel for cleaning and another one for wiping your freshly-cleaned glass. You may also use two different sides of the same towel if you want. The dust particles collected onto the towel while cleaning the windows are not rubbed back onto the glass as you’re using two different towels (or sides). The last thing you want is to clean the glass over and over again.

Tip# 6: Remember to roll down the windows

It’s easy to overlook areas of your car and its windows that are not all that visible. More often than not, it’s in these concealed spots where dust builds up most and then spreads, resulting in new scratches. To keep your windows scratch-free, roll down your windows and clean the top edge of it. Inside the lip of the rubber seal of the window, there is a lot of accumulated dirt that rubs off on the window-edge from where it rolls down and creates new scratches.

Tip# 7: Don’t forget about the wiper-blades!

Have you ever noticed new streaks appearing on your windshield every time you use your wipers? Well, those streaks come from dust that accumulates under the blades, and when you forget to clean that away, the wipers rub that dust all over your windshield. Not to mention, the buildup also wears out the blades that you may have to replace sooner than expected. What may start out as just streak-stains may soon transform into scratches that you can never get rid of. So it’d be easier if you tried and remembered to clean under the wiper-blades as well and you won’t ever have to worry about replacing your windshield because of too many scratch-marks.

Cars are one of the most expensive investments that anyone makes. So you probably want your car to last you a few years without costing you a lot. Part of making sure that the car doesn’t ask for too many repairs and expenditure is to look after its maintenance. Regular car-service along with proper cleaning of the interior and exterior are very important.

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