“There’s a crack on the windshield. I repeat, there’s a crack on the windshield. We’re turning around. Over!”

Air Canada Boeing 787 was forced to turn back and land in Dublin when a crack appeared on the aircraft’s windshield an hour into the journey. There were 254 passengers onboard who then had to board another plane the next day while the Boeing 787 was being fixed.

Windshield cracks aren’t uncommon—across different modes of transportation. However, the most dangerous thing you could do is not fix these cracks right away. If you continue to drive, fly, or sail your vehicle, you’re putting your life in danger. The increased air pressure will make the crack spread throughout the windshield.


The windshield crack on the Boeing 787 might not be a concern to you, but the windshield crack on your car is.

Why Are Windshield Cracks Dangerous?

When it comes to auto glass chips and cracks, people often undermine the amount of harm and danger they can cause.

A minor windshield chip or crack can expand over time, especially during extreme temperature changes and long drives. It’s important to get them fixed before they start to disrupt your vision during a drive.

The following are some reasons why you shouldn’t delay windshield repairs:

Repairing A Chip Is Cheaper

Getting a chip repaired is much more inexpensive than getting your entire windshield replaced. And your windshield will require a replacement if a minor chip or crack spreads. It is highly unlikely that the crack can be fixed if it becomes bigger than a quarter.

A chip can also be repaired within an hour by a professional. The easiest way to do so is to cover the chip with sealant and let it sit for an hour.

Cracked Windshield Can Impair Your Vision

If you’ve been in an accident, there’s always a chance that your windshield will crack under the impact.

If you leave it unfixed, you run the risk of getting in another accident because a cracked windshield disrupts the driver’s vision.

Damaged Windshields Impact The Vehicle’s Structural Integrity

Windshields form a major part of your vehicle’s structure. When broken and/or damaged in an accident, the windshield can affect the distribution of the accidental impact—putting you and your passengers in a life-threatening situation.

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