An ADAS system providing auto navigation.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have been developed to ensure increased safety on the roads. These systems make use of sensors and cameras to alert drivers of risks and potential problems on the roads. These systems also take control of your vehicle when necessary like applying the brakes when the vehicle has gotten too close to another car, pedestrian, or property.

While this is an excellent step to making vehicles safer, every time a windscreen is replaced, the system needs to be recalibrated. Windscreen replacements are now more complicated, however, when done by trained technicians, it’s quick and easy.

What is ADAS windscreen calibration?

Windscreen calibration is readjusting the parameters of the camera lenses to capture panoramic images of the road. The positioning of these cameras guarantee that the vehicle senses and receives accurate information that drivers can rely on.

ADAS systems work via a camera on the center of the windscreen. The camera picks up on information regarding the condition of the road, vehicles nearby, blind spots, and proximity to other objects. Since the camera is places on the windscreen, when a windscreen is replaced, the camera has to be refitted in the correct position to be effective.

the camera on the ADAS system picking up on important information for the driver.

Is ADAS recalibration necessary?

A misaligned camera is of no use to a driver. It not only makes the system unreliable, but it also makes the vehicle dangerous to drive. The system will pick up and relay incorrect information to the driver and in certain cases, can take over the vehicle too. It’s therefore crucial to have the system recalibrated by trained professionals to reduce the chances of dangerous driving and accidents.

A misaligned camera picks up on wrong information from every part of the ADAS system. So if your ADAS system is equipped with adaptive high beam, cruise control, light control, automatic parking, an automatic navigation system, blind spot monitor, collision controls, etc. All these systems need to be recalibrated when you have a new windshield fitted.

When should I have the ADAS system recalibrated?

As discussed already, windshield replacements are one of the number one reasons to have your vehicle’s ADAS system recalibrated. Other than a new windscreen, here are some reasons to have the windshield camera recalibrated:

  • Fault code showing up on the dashboard
  • If the camera disconnects
  • Wheel alignment changes
  • Suspension changes

Failure to have your ADAS system recalibrated correctly poses a safety risk to you and your passengers. Visit us for a hassle-free and accurate ADAS recalibration after your windshield replacement. Our technicians are trained and well-equipped to carry out this procedure. We also offer auto glass repairs in Edmonton like windshield crack repair, rock chip repair, and much more. You can learn more about ADAS Recalibration from our quick and simple video.

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