Logic dictates that the right action would be to just type ‘window replacement service near me’ in Google and choose the first option that shows up.

But if you truly want the best service in the area, you may need to put a bit more effort into your search than that.

Window replacement services are aplenty. But you have to have the insight to choose the right service, one that would get the job done right and within your budget.

Typically, we’d recommend our services for that, but since we want you to make the most educated decision, here are some added details on how to get the best window replacement service in your area!

– Always Ask Questions

After all, you’re bringing letting someone into your home and paying them for a service. You have the right to ask as many questions as you need to, to feel secure about your choice. But make sure you’re asking the right questions, like the ones below:

  • How many projects have you completed this year that are like mine?
  • Do you need a permit for my project?
  • Do you have a list of preferences? May I see it?
  • Which insurance do you carry?

Make sure any documents they offer you are current and legitimate.

– Be Cautious of Low Bids

While they may be tempting, don’t give in to the cheaper options. Window replacement services are substantially pricey because of labour costs, materials and machinery costs. If the quote you get is too good to be true, back away. This isn’t to say that you should go with the pricier options. But it’s better to compare the costs than to just go with the lowest price tag.

– Decide on Supplies and Products, as well as Price

You need to be assured that the products they replace your windows with won’t need any upkeep or major maintenance for at least 3-5 years. If the service offers a list of suppliers and products, search for their reviews online and make sure you’re not being given substandard products.

You’re investing a substantial amount into your home improvement project; you don’t want it to go to waste.

– Beware of Shoddy Contractors

If the service is uninsured and can’t really give you any details on how many labourers they can offer, or if their services are extra-cheap, you might just end up losing money without even getting any finished results. Always go with an established, professional name in the field.

Why You Should Choose Us!

Having been in the glass repair and glass replacement business for around 65 years, we know a thing or two about providing premium services to all in Edmonton.

Whether it’s our service, deadlines or products the clients concerned with; you can bet that we’ll do all we can to satisfy their queries.

If you want to hire us for your home improvement project, call us at 310-GLAS or get a free quote!

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