Glass railings are the most widely picked option out there when it comes to giving a house a modern touch. They enhance the overall look of a house by adding a touch of class, sophistication, and elegance.

They make spaces look more open, appealing, and bright by allowing light to pass through, which has a stunning visual impact. It’s a winning choice for people who plan on redecorating their homes.

Moreover, the glass that’s utilized for glass railings is made safer with safety glass panels. This safety glass is tougher than regular glass and is widely used in car windows, windshields, and for big commercial or residential projects.

Several procedures make this glass really tough. Let’s explore how a glass railing is made safe:

Tempered Glass

The tempering on the glass prevents it from shattering into large pieces. In the case that it does shatter, it will do so in small round pieces instead of producing large splinters. So, if anyone comes in contact with it, the chances of them getting injured are really low.

Glass Treads and Balustrades

If the steps are being made from glass, they are laminated with a thickness of about 33mm. The lamination process gives them an extra layer of protection, preventing breakage. And even if there is breakage, there are no sharp splinters edges.

For balustrades, the glass thickness is 21.52 mm, which is 2 layers of toughened glass of 10mm joint with a layer of 1.52 PVB film.

Anti-Slip Features

Glass safety can be enhanced with anti-slip options. Frosty strips prevent slipperiness but they aren’t easy to clean. A non-slip glued-on treads might also work, but it will require maintenance from time to time. Treads are made from etched glasswork, but they are expensive. Get this anti-slip add-on for added safety.

If the glass on the railing at your home or at the office requires a replacement or repairs, then reach out to us. Our team of experts at Crystal Glass will get working to make sure it’s safe to use. Book an appointment for easy glass repair solutions today!

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