Most of us don’t realize how much time we spend in our bathroom. It’s where we de-stress after a tiring day at work, rehearse our arguments, and where we spend hours doing our makeup. So it’s imperative that your bathroom looks and feels nice!

It needs to be clean, thoroughly washed, nice-smelling, well-lit, and decorated well!

Mirrors can help you achieve the last two! Here’s how:

Minimalistic double mirrors

If you’re living with your significant other, you’ve probably had a million arguments about running late for events because there’s just one bathroom! One sink, one mirror, one faucet.

But if you double up the number of mirrors, the two of you can get ready together—saving a lot of time in the process.

Although double mirrors are usually put over double sinks, you can choose to hang them over one large vanity sink if you wish to.

Mix and match

You don’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf solution. Be your own designer instead by creating bespoke mirror arrangements!

Glass is easy to cut and shape. You can get multiple small pieces cut in various shapes and sizes, and match them with the help of common frames. This creates a gallery-wall-style arrangement.

When you’re choosing between varying shapes and sizes, make sure all the mirrors complement each other.

Also, make sure they’re all on one wall, or the bathroom will look clustered, with mirrors facing one another.

Illuminate it

You can never go wrong with a bit of light. The brighter a space, the happier it looks! Vanity lights will your bathroom look vibrant and radiant.

You can either get a mirror with built-in lights or add them separately. As far as functional benefits are concerned, illuminated mirrors are also great for makeup. They help you see your face in more detail. They’re also a great help if you’re fond of mirror selfies.

Mirror lights work well if the rest of the bathroom lights are dim and dull or if it receives no natural light at all. Just make sure the light looks naturally soft and is not too harsh or fluorescent.

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