It’s been a hard day. You woke up early in the morning, spent a long day at work, and then had multiple chores to take care of at home. Finally, as nighttime approaches, you decide to call it a night and go to bed. However, as soon as you try to fall asleep, you hear music from a neighbor’s party and can’t sleep due to the sound coming in through your windows.

If something like this has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it is and how hopeless you can feel in a situation like this. However, precautions can take to control the sound coming into your home through the window. Here are a few tips we’ve compiled for you:

Choose the Ideal Type of Glass for Your Windows

When it comes to windows, the type of glass you choose could not be more critical. Typically, the most common glass types used on home windows and glass doors are either laminated glass or tempered glass. Tempered glass does not offer the resident of the home with much control in the amount of sound that is let in. Although tempered glass is exceptionally long-lasting and sturdy, it does not offer much in terms of soundproofing your house.

On the other hand, one of the main features of laminated glass is its soundproofing attributes. As laminated glass has an extra layer of plastic sandwiched between two glass sheets, laminated glass is usually thicker than other types, which results in a more significant sound reduction. If you’re dealing with unwanted sounds or vibrations that come in through your windows, laminated glass on your windows would be a convenient solution to deal with that problem.

Close the Air Gaps

If your glass windows and doors are correctly thick, but you’re still dealing with unwelcome sounds and vibrations coming in, you should determine whether you have any substantial air gaps. Give yourself space around the windows and check if there are any holes or cracks in the window, which could be admitting in sound. If you see any, apply acoustic sealants, which are specialized products meant to fill in gaps and prevent sounds from transmitting inside.

Install Impact-Resistant Windows in Your Home

An effective way out of unwelcome sounds and vibrating admitted through your glass windows is to install high-impact glass windows. Impact-resistant windows are usually a combination of laminated and tempered glass designed to safeguard against high impact situations. These could be hurricanes, storms, or accidents. As they are a blend of tempered and laminated glass, they have the robustness and longevity of tempered glass and the thickness of laminated glass. Apart from protecting from physical damage, high impact glass doors also help with soundproofing the home.

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