Caring For a Newly Replaced Windshield

Caring For a Newly Replaced Windshield

Cracked or chipped windscreen; in either case your vehicle is not fit to hit the road. You can be stopped by a traffic officer for a damaged windscreen and you might end up getting a ticket. Even a single crack calls for a replacement.

A windshield costs around $240 on average. Frequent replacements will have you dig deep into your pocket, even if your insurance company pays half of the expense. A good approach would be to get familiar with the aftercare required to maintain the glass.

Forgot to ask your technician about post-replacement care? Here’re a few tips to get long lasting results after a windshield replacement.

· Postpone that long drive for a while:

So you got a new windshield and now you want to show it off? Don’t be hasty. Give your car some time to sit for a couple of hours. It needs some time to cure and the adhesive needs to dry properly. 

· Go easy on the doors:

Don’t be hard on that door. Slamming a door can damage the adhesive seal. Close the doors gently for the first few days to avoid any rupture in the seal. In case of a puncture, call an experienced technician to get it fixed immediately.

· Don’t wash your vehicle:

Technicians apply adhesive to keep the glass in place. It can take anywhere from 1- 24 hours for the glue to dry out depending on the type of adhesive and the weather conditions. Therefore, avoid a car wash for at least one day.

· Look out for rusty blades:

Rust on the blades effect the rubber of the wipers. Broken wiper blades are the main cause for those scratches which makes your front view blurry. Get them repaired or replaced before you install a new windshield.

· Ensure cleanliness:

Keep your dashboard clutter free for almost 48 hours. Although cleanliness should be practiced at all times, extra care should be taken in the early days of replacement. Anything on your dash can force the glass outwards, messing up the adhesive and fitting of the glass. Book an appointment with us in case of an emergency.

· Avoid the scorching sun:

Heat from the sunlight is harmful for your auto glass. It makes the windscreen weak, affecting its longevity. Avoid the harsh sun and park your car in the shade.

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