Common Causes For Broken Auto Glass

Common Causes For Broken Auto Glass

For some people, their car is more than just a material possession that helps them travel from place to place. It’s as much a part of their life as anything else. By this virtue, their car holds immense sentimental importance for them. This is why seeing a large crack on their windshield one day does more than cost them repair or replacement charges.

Imagine walking out on your porch on a bright, sunny Sunday and seeing huge cracks on your windshield stretching from edge to edge! It surely is an emotionally upsetting scene to witness. However, the dangers of having a cracked windshield don’t end with an aesthetically unpleasant view of your beloved car.

Cracked windshields can be a major inconvenience while driving. In fact, with a major crack, your visibility of the road ahead will suffer so much that it’ll be impossible to drive safely. There’s nothing more distressing than running into an accident that cracks the auto glass of your car in the middle of nowhere and leaves you stranded. Even though we offer mobile repair services on the go, we advise having all sorts winshield cracks, minor or major, addressed as soon as possible!

A cracked or damaged windshield is a major cause of road crashes in Canada where statistics confirm that figures have gone as high as 1679 fatal collisions. These accidents ended in 112,479 personal injuries as the driver behind the wheel is at the greatest risk because of a compromising windshield. Moreover it also caused serious injuries to 154,886 victims as well!

Even though these reports are from 2017, numbers haven’t been expected to go down drastically in the subsequent years. Especially—as per latest reports from March 2019— with 186,515 more automobiles being sold and contributed to the road traffic in Canada, the risk is only going to go higher!

It’s important to be aware of common causes that lead to auto glass damages and protect your car from them at all costs.

Extreme weather conditions

No surprises there: all Canadians know weather can be the most unpredictable of things here and it can cause unexpected damage which can be hazardous to health and wellbeing. However, more than frost bites, there are some risks that specifically target the safety of your windshield.

Wind storms and strong winds in tornadoes and hurricanes can not only cause mass-scale wreckages but also stir-up debris that can hit the auto glass surface and cause severe damage. When there’s a storm in town, there’s no extent to nature’s wrath: from trees to poles, it can uproot anything!

It’s best to check weather updates regularly and always park your vehicle in a sheltered spot, so as to protect it from elements of the environment. Also, extreme fluctuations in the temperature such as a 25-degree drop or more can cause cracks in the windshields.  It’s better to protect your vehicle from all such occurrences as best as possible.

Road hazards & crash accidents

This is by far the most popular explanation of windshield cracks and breaks. Impact can cause immense expensive damage to your windshield which might mandate the need for an entire replacement. It’s also quite likely that a slight impact causes a larger crack than expected. This is usually the case if your windscreen has survived an impact previously; it must’ve weakened it at the time and will give in the next time anything slightly impactful happens. Therefore, force can cause your windshield cracks to become more evident or cause it to cave in, which is much more dangerous for the driver and all the inmates.

It’s important for the safety of your windshield and your own wellbeing to pay heed to any and every crack that appears in your windshield. Call us or book an appointment with us to let us examine the situation and advise the best course of action. The strength and safety of your auto glass is directly linked to your safety on the road so never ignore it because of the cost of repairs.

Faulty installation

Poorly installed windshields can cave in at unexpected times, costing you the health and safety of yourself and other passengers.

It’s important to keep your eyes and ears open for any sign of a faulty installation. An obvious sign that gives away unprofessional services is a whistling noise which is heard inside the car or a leakage during a car wash. This indicates that you need to get your windshield fitted properly by a trusted professional auto glass replacement service.

A risky combination of heat, force and pressure can cause your windshield to crack. Even if it doesn’t lead to any injuries, it can still cost you a lot of money. It’s better to get it repaired before paying a load of money for an entirely new windshield.

Bad quality auto glass

All the factors detailed above can cause damage to the windshield on impact or force. As unfortunate as it is, the explanation for the accident is still pretty clear and logical. However, you may be completely baffled to have your windshield shatter to miniscule cracks suddenly without any external forces act on it. If this happens right after you paid for a replacement, it’s even more distressful because all your money just goes to waste.

The problem then lies not in the environment or your driving skills but in the service you received. Low-quality auto glass is more prone to damages and breakage than premium-grade glass for windshields. There’s no guarantee of such automobile parts or the service provider. This is why it’s important to always consult a reliable auto glass repair and replacement provider in the area. If you’re based in western Canada, there’s no reason that you should go to anyone other than crystal glass.

We’re the most trusted name in the industry and the largest automobile glass experts in areas like BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. We offer auto windshield replacement services with only the best quality glass available. Book an appointment if your need to give your car a quality treatment.

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