Glass shower enclosures, while costly, can offer a spectacular upgrade to the overall look of your bathrooms. The perfect glass shower should be functional, accentuate your bathroom and simultaneously be able to keep the water out of the rest of the room.

While many people choose to hand colorful shower curtains to close off the opening to their shower enclosure, installing a glass shower door may perhaps be a better option, as they are hassle free and do not need to be replaced often—if at all.

But installing glass shower doors comes with its own set of problems and considerations to keep in mind. Everything, no matter how well made and costly, goes through wear and tear and over time may need to be repaired or even replaced altogether. Here are some of the most common problems people with glass shower doors face and how to fix them:

Sliding Door Problems:

The most common form of shower doors most popularly used is bypass doors, because of their economic nature. A bypass door is a sliding door with a frame that is mounted on the end walls of the shower. The most common problems associated with sliding shower doors are:

Door getting stuck

With the amount of use your shower door gets every day, the metal frames it is mounted upon can get rusty over time.

Add to that the fact that water and metal are not really a very good combination, and you have a door that is frequently getting stuck while sliding. Other factors that may be causing your door to get stuck in its frame could be an obstruction like dirt and accumulation of soap suds on the metal rollers.

You can fix this problem by greasing the rollers of your shower door. To get rid of debris, attach a thin crevice tool to your vacuum and suck out all the dirt accumulated over time.

Bent Track

Oftentimes, in very high temperatures, metal frames can expand and get bent out of shape. When this happens, it becomes impossible to open or close a shower door.

While it is possible to fix this by using a hammer and bending the frame back into place, it is always advisable to consult a professional to reduce the risk of damaging the door itself.

Broken or off-track rollers

At times, the rollers themselves can either become derailed from the track or broken altogether. In such cases, the shower door becomes unusable until you fix the problem.

In such a case, hiring a professional to fix the problem for you could be more helpful than trying to do it yourself. One wrong move could leave you with a larger problem than you bargained for.

Other Glass Door Problems:

A hinged shower door could see problems with its hinges rusting and creaking over time. These are also more expensive than the standard bypass shower doors.

Glass doors are fragile and are prone to breaking even with the minutest of accidents. To prevent the risks of ending up with a pile of shattered glass on your bathroom floor, try opting for fiberglass doors instead of regular glass. Good quality glass is stronger and less likely to break, so investing in a higher quality glass, while expensive at the offset could save you major bucks in the long run in maintenance and replacement costs.

Get your glass shower doors repaired now

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