According to Reader’s Digest Canada, a chip may seem like a small issue but can wreck havoc on your windshield if ignored for a long time. The same study also suggests that even the tiniest cracks can result in costly repair jobs.

Are rock chips the same as windshield cracks?

Read on to find out what they are how you can overcome them:

What are rock chips?

Rock chips are like small damages that occur to your windshield more regularly than most major damages. Common examples of a rock chip are small signs of damage you may incur when you’re driving on a road that’s covered with small pieces of rocks and debris or when a small bird hits the windshield. Rock chips can also occur if someone driving close to you throws trash out of their car or a dump truck leaks its contents and they splatter over your vehicle.

As a result of any of these activities, the windshield is impacted and a small damaged spot appears. Although the chip may be small and barely noticeable, you may hear a loud popping sound the moment the glass gets nicked.

Why should you get rock chips repaired?

The biggest reason why you should not ignore rock chips is that they make your windshield more susceptible to shattering. Even a small rock chip can affect the structural integrity of your windshield to the point that it becomes weak. Next time there’s rollover or an accident, the windshield will be more likely to shatter.

It’s also more cost efficient to get the rock chip repaired. If the windshield cracks further, you might have to get it repacked altogether, which will obviously be costlier.

Also, the decision to repair or not repair a rock chip also depends on where its location. If it’s directly in the line of view of the driver, it may significantly affect the driver’s ability to drive safely. This is especially true if the chip is categorized as a bullseye break. These are identifiable dark spots with dark rings around them. They’re specially considered bad for the driver’s vision.

Most importantly, you should get the rock chip repaired as soon as possible. This is because any sort of delay would embed dirt and dust into the chip. Another big factor that would force dirt into the chip is the weather. Even the windshield washer fluid may fill up the chip with dyes, leading to discoloration and stains. This will affect the appearance of your windshield.

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