According to information by the Government of Canada, every vehicle in Canada should be equipped with a fully-functional windshield defogging and defrosting system. Each windshield should also have a wiping system in place that conforms to the safety regulations. All these measures enhance the safety features of your windshield.

But is safety the only thing that matters?

Windshield quality matters just as much!

Let’s dive deeper into the matter:

How does auto glass quality differ?

Let’s take a look at the different types of glass with varying quality levels:

  1. Dealer auto glass:Buying dealer auto glass means you’re buying a branded replacement for your car’s original windshield. This means dealer auto glass fits the manufacturer’s specifications since it comes directly from the same auto glass company that your manufacturer had contacted. This works as a viable option if you wish to preserve or restore your vehicle and are okay with paying a premium price for it.
  2. OEM glass:This is quite similar to the dealer auto glass in a way that the specifications are the same as the original design. The only difference is that it’s not manufactured by the original company and is usually unbranded. Otherwise, the glass quality (in terms of material composition, thickness, and features) is the same.
  3. Aftermarket glass:In terms of quality, this option is nowhere near the first two discussed. This is also the reason why it’s more economical and widely available in the market. This is more of a basic product that may do the job but won’t have the same design specifications as the original equipment. Most owners with old vehicles usually opt for this one.

Why should you update your auto glass?

Here are a couple of reasons why auto glass quality really matters:

  1. Better quality glass improves the driver’s visibility. This works as an important safety function since it enables the driver to watch their way safely. Cracks and chips can significantly affect a driver’s ability to drive.
  2. A good quality windshield may also prevent you from being thrown out or ejected from the vehicle in times of an accident. Most fatalities occur because passengers are ejected from their vehicles during rollovers and automobile wrecks. The windshield usually acts as a buffer in events like these. This happens because it’s usually the windshield’s job to absorb the impact of the airbag when an accident occurs. As a result, the airbag bounces off the windshield and shields the passenger.
  3. A good quality windshield also lowers decibels of road noise and prevents heat exchange in and out of the vehicle. This enhances energy efficiency and may help reduce fuel consumption.

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