A fireplace in a home with glass protection.

Fireplace glass doors have multiple purposes. Firstly, they greatly reduce the chances of fires spreading throughout your home and protect you and your house from immediate harm.

Furthermore, they also prevent logs from tumbling out of the fireplace and hurting your tiles or hardwoods. Therefore, they protect your property while also making your fireplace look elegant and stylish. But with all the heat and wear there might come a time when you would need to consider replacements or repairs for your fireplace glass doors:

Direct Impacts

The most obvious threat to fireplace glass doors is the direct impact that damages the glass. Fireplace glass is usually made with tempered glass, and glass manufacturers typically don’t provide any warranty.

Even a simple scratch can severely damage the fireplace glass. Other forms of impact include objects falling on it or being thrown at it. There is a good chance that the glass could shatter upon impact, especially if it was weak and had been damaged before. Therefore, it’s vital to have your fireplace glass repaired to prevent any negative effects of direct impacts on the glass.

Crack Spreading

Another major issue with fireplace glasses is initially minor cracks spreading. For example, imagine your cat goes up to the fireplace glass and scratches it. When you go to take a look, it might not appear to be substantial, so you ignore it.

Over the next few weeks to months, the crack is going spread larger. Eventually, the seemingly benign problem will become more noticeable. As the glass becomes weaker, there is an increased chance of it shattering. Thus, to prevent the spreading of chips and cracks, you must have your fireplace glass checked out.

Long Term Heat Exposure

Glass tends to expand during higher temperatures, which means that the heat that’s been put onto the glass through fire will significantly enlarge any issues the glass was experiencing. Fireplace glass is usually made of tempered glass, which has been heat-treated before to make it more heat resistant.

However, tempered glass is still vulnerable to becoming weakened by constant heat exposure and hot temperatures. While it might take longer, the potential for glass damage is still grave.

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