Ensure all important safety checks are completed before heading to your destination.

Due to COVID-19, many countries have imposed travel bans and restrictions. This has led to many people cancelling the vacations they had booked. To limit the spread of the virus, the government advises people to avoid all unnecessary travel outside the country.

Since the active cases in the country have steadily reduced, people are now looking for ways to head out, while still taking all the precautions and staying safe. Road trips are the safest way to travel within the country while.

However, while taking all the precautions for COVID-19, you also need to ensure that your vehicle is ready for a road trip too. Here are some ways you can make your vehicle ready for a road trip:

Check the tires

The health of your tires determines how smooth and safe the drive is going to be. The treads on your tires provide traction control and dispel water on the road, for a safe drive. Over time these treads wear out and the tread depth of your tires decrease. Before embarking on your journey, check the air pressure in your tires. Overinflated tires causes uneven wear and tear on the tires and affects the ride quality. Under inflated tires drag and increase your fuel consumption.

Inspect the windshield

Thoroughly inspect your windshield and auto glass before you begin your journey. Over time, our windscreens develop scratches due to the debris and stones that fly by as you drive. These scratches effect the visibility of your windshield, particularly in the night. Any chips on the windshield can also distort your view and affect your judgment on the road. Have all such repairs dealt with before you begin your road trip. If there’s excessive damage, you might have to have a windshield replacement done too.

Change the air filters

Whether you plan on using the air conditioner or heater, depending on when you choose to take your road trip, the air filters play an important role in how well the system works. Over time, the air filters get clogged up with dirt and debris, preventing it from doing its job. Make sure you have the air filters replaced before a road trip to maintain fuel economy and the air quality in your vehicle.

Brake pads

Brake pads provide friction needed to reduce the speed and eventually stop your car. These brake pads wear away over time and become so thin that they aren’t effective anymore. The screeching and squealing noise is an indication of worn out brake pads and that they need to be replaced. Make sure you have these replaced before your road trip to have a safe journey.

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