If you’re worried about an interior design upgrade being worth your money, consider capitalizing on the mass appeal of glass.

Modern offices are breaking free from the traditional concept of what workplaces should look like. They no longer rely on walled offices and sectioned cubicles to allow employees to concentrate on individual assignments.

Contemporary interior design trends are transforming the dull and dreary look of offices with meticulously planned glasswork.

Patterned Glass to Add Character

Textured or patterned glass is great for adding a hint of creativity to office interiors. They are popularly installed in foyers, conference rooms, cubicles, and walls. Apart from these regions, patterned glass can be brought to creative use in other parts of the office as well.

Tinted Glass for Heat Preservation

Some offices are operational 24 hours of the day, 5 days of the week. This means that a huge portion of expenses go into energy bills, especially in colder climates like ours. Since offices can’t afford to turn off heating systems at any point during the day, there’s no way to conserve energy other than insulating the premises. Tinted glass helps prevent heat loss by a large margin and that helps save on utility bills.

Security Glass for Safety

Security glass is engineered by using lamination to toughen it up. The sturdiness of this glass makes it an ideal choice for offices that want to protect their employees and premises in case of a natural disaster. With an ability to remain intact even on impact, this glass helps boost the security measures at workplaces, while upgrading the appearance.

Clear Glass for Visibility

Seen mostly in modern offices, clear glass is a versatile option for interior design. Held in high regard because of its transparency and ability to create more visual space, clear glass is the go-to option for most interior designers. From windows to cubicles, clear glass can be used to section offices without cluttering the visual space.

Insulated Glass for Productivity

Noise insulation is a necessity in offices. Employees have shown decreased productivity in noisy environments. This is where glass insulation comes in. With its acoustic properties, it can absorb sound and reduce noisiness.

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