Before we discuss care tips, let’s first talk about what a glass façade is. Façade is a French word that means ‘front face’—for buildings, it refers to their external weatherproofing.

Glass façades are becoming increasingly popular for office buildings because they give structures a sleek, modern look. Moreover, they also allow natural light into the office, which is known to increase productivity and improve employee health.

As great as glass façades are, they require routine maintenance and care. That’s why we’ve outlined four tips you can use to keep your building’s glass façade in great shape right here.

Regular monitoring of roof structure

The glass façade is a non-loadbearing structure—which means it doesn’t add to the structural stability of the building at all. Instead, it is mostly used for its aesthetic appeal.

Regular monitoring of the roof structure ensures that the steel rafters are intact and that the entire building is structurally sound.

Ensure proper drainage

Proper drainage is essential to ensure that water doesn’t stay standing around the façade for too long. The drainage facilities should be adequate enough to release large volumes of rainwater at one time. Building managers should also prevent puddles from forming around the façade, as they can cause water damage to the metal and concrete structures.

Regularly check for leaks

The building envelope should be regularly inspected for air and water leaks. This prevents moisture issues, increases air quality, and improves the sustainability and durability of the building.

Most importantly, it brings down cooling and heating costs. Trained professionals conduct leakage and pressure tests to ensure that the building is up to code.

Façade maintenance equipment should be regularly reviewed

All façade maintenance equipment—such as davits and tieback anchors—that’s used by window washers should be inspected regularly and replaced every five years.

Moreover, all façade maintenance personnel should be reviewed and certified every year to ensure they are capable of doing their job.

Routine safety checks

Conduct routine safety checks around the external perimeter to ensure the safety of the general public, as well as the people working inside the building. Safety checks are the best source of prevention and can help you detect problems before they escalate.

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