Keeping a fair distance with other vehicles.

The windscreen of your vehicle plays an important part in protecting you from the elements. This leaves your windshield exposed to damage over time. You probably don’t realize that driving on a perilous surface can increase the chances of damage to your windshield. So here are some ways you can prevent damage to your windscreen while driving:

Avoid driving behind large vehicles

Driving behind trucks and other large vehicles increases your chances of experiencing windshield damage. Large vehicles are able to dislodge pebbles and sharp stones on the pavement that end up colliding with your windshield and causing damage. Rocks cause chips and scratches on the surface of the windscreen which affects visibility overtime and can distort your view of the way ahead.

Since large vehicles are capable of dislodging more debris and throwing them further, make sure you leave plenty of space between you and the truck before you. Even though these vehicles have mud flaps to protect other drivers from this debris, it isn’t as effective.


Any construction along your usual way can increase the chances of windshield damage. Pneumatic drills, in particular, are known to dislodge stone chips which lead to windscreen chips and damage. Plan your route in a way that you can avoid all areas where roadwork is happening, to prevent damage to your windscreen. Roadwork also tends to slow down traffic, so it’s best to avoid such routes.

Keep your distance from other vehicles

Keeping your distance from other vehicles not only protects your windshield from developing scratches, it also keeps your windshield clean. The more distance you maintain with other vehicles, the less likely it is for dirt to land on the windscreen.

Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles gives you ample time to apply the brakes when needed. This reduces the chances of a collision if the vehicle ahead of you stops suddenly, preventing severe windscreen damage.

Maintain your speed

While flying pebbles, rocks, and stones are the main cause of damage to your vehicle, the speed of your vehicle also determines the damage to your windshield. Reduce your speed in areas where there are more loose rocks and pebbles to avoid damage.

Avoid off-road driving

Driving on rough paths further damage your windshield.

Off-road driving or driving over rough paths of the pavement can cause windshield damage. Potholes, in particular can make existing cracks and chips worse. Driving over potholes, in general, is bad for your vehicle. It wears out tires, affects the alignment of the steering wheel, and the balance of the wheels.

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