Windshields are an essential part of maintaining the aesthetics and structural integrity of a vehicle. In auto insurance claims, 30% f these claims consist of windshield replacements, out of which 70-80% cases are of edge cracks.

You might think that a few scratches and chips in the windshield aren’t much of a risk, however, that’s not true.

Driving with a broken or shattered windshield can pose a great safety risk to both drivers and passengers. This is why a good auto glass repair and replacement provider, like Crystal Glass, are here to save the day for you.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when considering hiring a windshield repair or replacement provider.

Quality of Products

It’s easy to be tricked into hiring someone when they offer a price that feels too good to be true. If so, there are high chances that the company might use a product with questionable quality to keep the costs low.

Always ask the service provider about the name of the brand they will use, question its quality and durability, and how long have they been using the brand. For further surety, conduct thorough research online to verify their claims.

Company Experience

It’s essential to opt for a company that has been in the windshield repairs and replacement business for a good few years.

An experienced company will know what kind of auto glass will fit a specific vehicle and what right material to use to keep that glass in place. For example, with over 65 years of experience, Crystal Glass knows the dos and don’ts of auto glass repair and replacement, and ensures to give you every penny’s worth.

Ease of Service

There is nothing more terrible than finding the best windshield repair and replacement provider and realizing it is far away. Ensure to choose a service station that’s easily accessible and brings the service to you.

Crystal Glass offers mobile windshield repair and replacement to make your life easy. While you attend your meetings and prepare budgets, our qualified team will fix your windshield downstairs at your office or even in your garage!


When the auto glass repair and replacement company happily provides a warranty, it shows that they’re confident about their product and service quality. A warranty will ensure that if any problems arise in the near future, they will be taken care of right away!

Just ensure that they are offering a warranty for both the service and the materials used.

Finding an automotive glass repair company that provides 100% genuine service while being transparent can be challenging. But if you are in Edmonton, Crystal Glass is the perfect answer for you.


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