Cleaning a skylight is quite tricky. They tend to get dirty fast due to dirt and debris, as well as accumulated cobwebs. All of these factors hamper the flow of natural light.

Skylights are great for giving your living space an open feel. They go great with high-rise ceilings, and just like normal windows, require cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis.

Many people clean skylights with the help of a ladder, which can be very dangerous. According to a study published by WHO, ladders lead to around 300 deaths annually.

But what most people aren’t aware of is that skylight cleaning can be done easily without a ladder. There is no need to risk your life for it. Let’s find out how.

Skylight Cleaning in 4 Easy Steps

These steps will clean out the internal surface of the skylight.

1) Gather All the Materials:

You’ll need to attach a microfiber cloth to a rod-like extension such as a broom or a mop with duct tape. Gather all the required cleaning agents, such as distilled water, dish soap, and another cloth for drying, along with a bucket. Attach the cloth to the rod with the help of duct tape and clear out the area.

2) Prepare the Cleaning Mixture

Take the bucket and fill it up with warm water. Add a small amount of dish soap and swish to mix. Attach the drying cloth with the extension rod. If the grime or grease is stubborn, then add a dash of vinegar to the mixture. Vinegar will wipe any grease and grime in just one go.

3) Sweep, Sweep, and Sweep

Sweep the entire skylight for a good 5-10 minutes, moving the cloth back and forth in horizontal, vertical, and circular directions. Make sure to get all the dirt, grime, and cobwebs from there. After giving the area a good clean, leave the solution for 10-15 minutes. If you spot any crack in the glass of the skylight, call for glass repair services right away. It could be dangerous.

4) Wash and Rinse

Replace the dirty cloth with a new one and begin the procedure again, but this time without the dish soap. Empty the bucket with the dirty water and fill it up with fresh water. You are just aiming to get the dirty water off. Move the cloth in circular motions and rinse with the new rag cloth. Make sure the water is clean with minimal soap residue. Next, dry it off with the dry rag cloth in the same manner to complete the project.

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