When arranging a closet, the two things that matter most are storage capacity and organization. Most individuals don’t focus too much on the closet’s aesthetic, since no one really pays much attention to their closet.But we’re here to convince you otherwise. What if we told you that by adding just a bit of glass to your closet, you could turn the design of an entire room around?

Here’s how:

Mirrored closet door

This is by far the most popular choice when it comes to closet design. Most homeowners cover the entire closet door with a mirror. This usually slides along the track of the door. There are three main benefits of doing so:

  1. You don’t need separate wall space to put up a mirror, freeing up space for wall hangings like clocks, art, and paintings.
  2. Most dressers don’t come with big mirrors. If you want a mirror that gives you a full-length view of what you’re wearing, get it attached to the closet door. Such mirrors usually run along the height of the closet.
  3. If the room is small and dim, a mirror can bounce light across the room and make it look brighter. All you need is one window and strategically placed glass to capture the light and reflect it around the room. This will also make the place look bigger.

Glass closet door

These involve either replacing the entire closet door with sliding glass or mounting glass panels onto traditional tracks.

Glass closet doors elevate the look of your closet, making it look more distinct, chic, and stylish. Just remember to choose glass doors that easily open and close along with standard hinges.

If you’re a keen organizer who likes maintaining a well-arranged closet, this will help you flaunt it. On the other hand, if your wardrobe is usually messy or disorganized and you still want glass doors, there’s a way out.

You can hide the clutter by choosing etches, patterned, smoked or etched glass panes. All of these techniques alter the opacity of the glass without compromising its style.

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