How to Keep Your Auto Glass from Fogging Up

How to Keep Your Auto Glass from Fogging Up

There’s nothing more annoying than a fogged-up car in winters especially when you’re in a hurry. And the situation worsens when even after attempts of cleaning it up, the fog keeps coming back! Driving with fogged up windows and windshield is downright threatening to your life and others on the roads. And even though we’re all aware of this, we see people driving in their steamed-up engines.

Your life matters more than the time you might save by not attempting to prevent the fog on your auto glass. Here are a few things that you can do to prevent that from happening.

Use your Air Conditioner (A/C)

Don’t just use your A/C to cool down your car. Turning it on—in conjunction with the heater— will remove the moisture from the air, and let the dry air inside your car.

Don’t overlook the Demister

Most of the modern cars are equipped with built-in demisters that dry up the moisture on your condensed windscreens. It does so by throwing dry-warmed air on to the windscreen and by letting fresh air inside your car.

Don’t recirculate!

Turning on the recirculation will let the moisture stay inside your car. We understand it can be too cold at times, but you wouldn’t want to lose your precious life just because you wanted to stay warm, right?

Let that fresh air in

It is wise to wind down the windows for a little while every now and then. Doing so will replace the stale moist air and keep your auto glass from fogging up.

Anti-fog Coating

You can also get your windows an anti-fog coating to further prevent them from condensing.

Make cleaning a habit

Let’s take it this way— water vapors love those contaminants that accumulate on your car windows and windshield. The oil and dust particles provide more surface area for these tiny moisture droplets to hold on which leads to your car fogging up quicker than it normally would if it was clean.

Infact, sand, dust and other kinds of debris may also lead to windshield pitting—creating of countless tiny craters that distort the light coming in the windshield and ultimately distort your vision. In such a state, it’s crucial to have your windshield checked and repaired to avoid any hazards.

Cars are important investments and you would want them to remain in a good shape for long. To keep your car that way, regular maintenance is important.  

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