A sandblasted windshield that can cause extensive glass damage.

Windshield cracks and chips are a common occurrence in cars. Many people have experienced them, and insurance companies broadly cover their damage.

However, there is a more obscure form of damage, that while similar to cracks and chips, also differs in major ways. Sandblasted windshields are when there are tiny holes in your windshield glass. These are caused by small dust particles that continuously hit your windshield glass. Here’s how to prevent damage and treat sandblasted windshields:

Causes of Sandblasted Windshields

The biggest cause of sandblasted windshields is tailgating. Tailgating is when you drive behind a car too closely. When this happens, tiny particles from the leading vehicle and the road directly impact your windshield. Over time, these can result in a sandblasted windshield.

Another cause of sandblasted windshields can be driving in dusty environments. For instance, driving in a desert is a very high-risk activity when sandblasted windshields are taken into account.

Lastly, a sandblasted windshield can also be exacerbated by excessive sun exposure. As glass expands during hot weather, tiny holes caused by dust particles can cause major problems.

Preventing Sandblasted Windshields

Limiting activities that result in sandblasted windshields is the main way to prevent them. For instance, maintaining proper distance between your car and the car in front is vital. This prevents dust particles ricocheting from their tires from hitting the surface of your windshield glass.

Additionally, its crucial to avoid extremely dusty areas where dust particles are abundant such as deserts. Furthermore, natural disasters like hurricanes, windstorms have the potential to cause windshield complications.

Parking your car in a garage or the shade is also an excellent way of minimizing sandblasted windshields.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Windshield Repaired

Sun glare during the day can make sandblasted windshields more prominent, which greatly hard the aesthetic appeal of your car. Furthermore, a sandblasted windshield can do significant harm to your line of sight and ability to drive. People driving with fault windshields are more at risk of collisions.

Lastly, a sandblasted windshield can have the same effect as regularly cracked windshields. Eventually, the cracks will widen with heat, and at some point, they will shatter. This will endanger both your car and your safety.

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