Kids just love fogging up car windows and using their fingers to draw pictures on them. Yes, it’s very cute and adorable in the moment, but after they’re done, what’s left is a mess of oily fingerprints that every parent hates! These fingerprints and marks are extremely irritating to look at and they’re also difficult to remove. But rest easy, friend, because we’ve got some tips to help you remove those accursed marks after your kids are done sketching on your car windows.

No more streaks and no more stains! So let’s just dive into it, shall we?

Tip #1 Choose the Right Auto Glass Cleaner

More often than not, the problem is not in the method you use to clean your car’s auto glass. What we’re trying to say is that your regular household window cleaner won’t cut it. If anything, it’ll just make matters worse. The ammonia in it can spoil the tint on your car windows and dry out the rubber seals on them, including any vinyl, leather or plastic.

You want to choose a cleaner that has no alcohol and/or ammonia content. In fact, you need something that doesn’t have any ingredients that produce toxic fumes.

This will not only do good by your car, but is also good for the environment and people in your vicinity. After all, toxic fumes are a health hazard and greenhouse gases exacerbate climate change. We suggest you get yourself a dilute formula or dilute your existing, concentrated one.

Tip #2 Invest in a Good Cleaning Towel

Just like a rough cloth can feel harsh and itchy on the skin, a rough cloth has a similar effect on your car windows. All those discarded tees and old newspapers that you’ve been using to clean your windows have been doing more harm than good to the glass. The scratches that are appearing on it are a result of this mistake.

When you use the wrong material to clean windows, dirt and dust particles are dragged all over the windshield. As a result, scratches develop on your windows that cause visual distortion when light shines on them. What you need is a microfiber towel of high-quality—one of at least 300 GSM would do. A microfiber cloth will pick up all the debris and its electrostatic charge prevents the particles from being dragged along the surface of your car windows.

Tip #3 Get the Buffing Motion Right

How do you clean? Do you move the cloth left and right or up and down? Well, neither option is right! The right way to clean glass windows is by using a buffing motion. What’s that? It’s a simple back and forth motion followed by an up and down; as simple as that!

It’s effective because it picks up all dust and debris in one simple motion. Another expert piece of advice; spray the cleaning agent over the microfiber cloth instead of spraying it on the glass, and then use it to clean the windows.

Tip #4 Clean and Wipe With Different Cloths

Do you use the same cloth to clean and wipe your windows? If yes, then that might be the problem. Let us explain. What you’re doing is first picking up all the dust and debris with a cloth and then using the same cloth to wipe the glass clean. So you’re picking up dust particles and then wiping them back on the glass.

For a spotless result, you need to use two different towels for cleaning and wiping. And if that seems like too much effort, you could also use two different sides of the same cloth. If you do that, remember to change the sides, though! You don’t want to clean the glass again and again, do you?

Tip #5 Roll Down the Windows

You may not realize it, but dust usually builds up in places you can’t see; the most common spot being the edge of your windows. And when you roll down the window, it drags the dust all across the surface of the glass, causing streaks and scratches.

If you want to keep your windows free from all that, make sure to roll down your windows and clean the top edge. Another spot to keep in mind is inside the lip of the rubber seal.

Tip #6 Wiper Blade Maintenance is Essential

Too often, we forget about the wiper blades until the rain comes pouring down. Well, what you’re also forgetting is that these wiper blades accumulate dust and debris and when you turn them on, they conveniently drag the dust that’s built on them all across your windshield. Not once, not twice, but for as long as they’re on.

Besides, the dust and debris that builds up on the wiper blades also wears them out and would thus require an untimely replacement. If these are some things that you’d much rather avoid, then we suggest you don’t forget about your wiper blades again.

Tip #7 Clean Your Windows Last

The last thing you want to do is clean your windows and then the rest of the car body. That’s just increasing your workload and is impractical too. Here’s a simple idea to avoid this from happening; how about you keep the windows for last? If you clean your windows in the end, there’s no way you’d drag dust back on them.

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