Most of us love parking our cars under trees because of the shade they provide, but later regret this decision as soon as we see tree sap on the windshield.

Almost, all trees produce sap; it’s a mixture of fluids and sugar that quickly hardens when it falls off, making it very difficult to remove. People make the mistake of trying to remove sap with a wiper or a washing liquid. This makes matters worse.

Windshield tree sap needs to be taken care of urgently. If not treated right, it can further harden, creating more issues. Below are some effective ways to remove tree sap with items that are easily available in everyone’s pantry. Let’s check them out:

How to Remove Sap from a Windshield

Remove it with Vinegar

Vinegar is known for its cleaning properties. It’s widely used in household cleaning hacks to get rid of rust, grime, stains dirt, and debris from wash basins, pipes, dishwashers, and even sofas.

Vinegar can also be used for removing tree sap from a windshield. Just fill a spray bottle with vinegar, spray it on the tree sap, and give it a generous coat. Leave it on for fifteen minutes. Then, use a microfiber cloth moved in circular motions, wash with hot water, rinse, and you are done!

Use Ice

Ice will gently soften the hard sap. Just rub or place some ice on the affected area for a few minutes. Wear some gloves; don’t hold the ice with bare hands.

Use a scraper to remove the ice with the sap. A plastic knife can also serve the purpose. Refrain from using sharp metal blades or knives as they could cause severe damage to the windshield.

Lastly, wipe the entire area dry.

Rubbing Alcohol Works

Rubbing alcohol works great as a cleaning agent. Grab a piece of cloth and dab some rubbing alcohol on it. Apply it to the sap for a few minutes. Keep moving the cloth in a circular motion and apply pressure as needed. Clean the area after removing the sap with hot water.

Clear windshields are essential if you are to drive safely. Watch out for minor cracks and chips, as they can cause major damage if left unchecked.

From removing sap to providing a complete replacement for your windshield, we are your one-stop solution for all your auto glass repair needs. Book an appointment today!



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