Plexiglass: A Guide

If you’re not sure what Plexiglass exactly is, the most straightforward answer would be that it’s an alternative to regular glass: a fantastic alternative. Although it’s called Plexiglass, it’s not glass at all. Instead, it consists of plastic material, which is translucent, agile, and robust. Read more →

Can You Soundproof Your Windows?

It’s been a hard day. You woke up early in the morning, spent a long day at work, and then had multiple chores to take care of at home. Finally, as nighttime approaches, you decide to call it a night and go to bed. However, as soon as you try to fall asleep, you hear music from a neighbor’s party and can’t sleep due to the sound coming in through your windows. Read more →

beautiful view outside glass window
Storm-Proofing Your Windows and Doors

During a storm, the most vulnerable part of your home is the windows and glass doors. They are the most prone to being damaged in the storm and during its aftereffects. While the prospect of living through a massive storm, like a hurricane or tornado, is frightening enough, having to deal with damage to your home, especially your windows should add a whole other layer to your anxiety. Read more →