Auto glass is one of the more visible aspects of a vehicle. If your windshield is cracked or chipped, it can leave a lasting first impression on potential buyers. Most buyers won’t prefer buying a vehicle that already has glaring faults, which means the deal might not go through, even if the rest of the vehicle is in good shape.

Other than that, whoever is currently driving the car should ensure the passengers’ safety by seeking professional help to fix windshield cracks. Not only does a cracked windshield decreases visibility, but it also compromises the vehicle’s structural integrity.


Although there aren’t any definite specifications as to what constitutes ‘impaired vision,’ if you drive around with a faulty windshield, chances are you’ll get pulled over or fined.

According to Alberta’s laws, if the windshield crack measures more than 12mm, you can get a ticket. If it’s your lucky day, the cops may just let you off with a warning to take the vehicle for inspection.


Any obvious damages will make potential buyers attempt to buy the car at a much lower price than you demanded. In case of windshield damages, you might not receive an offer anywhere remotely close to your anticipation. This is why to ensure maximum profits, it’s always best to get the windshield checked by an auto glass repair shop before selling the car.

Quicker Sell

A maintained, a prim and proper looking car with an intact windshield always sells faster!

Even if there’s no other major problem with the vehicle, a damaged windshield will make the potential buyer hesitate and slow down the process. They might be extra vigilant in checking other parts of the car or give a lowball offer because they’ll need to go through the hassle of getting the cracks repaired by an auto glass shop after the purchase.


After making timely payments to your insurance company, it’s best to ask what your policy covers to benefit from it. If you can submit a claim and can get the cost of repairs covered, full or partially, you can increase your car’s value without spending much out of your own pocket.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Whether you aim to sell your vehicle fast or are just looking around to upgrade to a newer one, it’s always best to consult a professional expert to analyze the overall cost of getting the windshield repaired or replaced. Sometimes cracks get fixed at minimal costs but increase the value of the vehicle inherently.

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