A report compiled by Statistics Canada showed that around 85,000 vehicles were stolen in 2017. Vehicles that get stolen are mostly broken into and driven away from where they were parked. If you’ve been lucky enough to have faced a break-in without your car getting stolen, it might be because of the extra precautionary measures you took to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Precautionary Measures

Before we talk about your unfortunate situation and the steps you need to take after facing a car break-in, keep these important tips in mind to prevent future break-ins and theft.

Park in an Open Place

Parking your car—even if it’s just for a few minutes to go to a superstore—in a dark alley or any other far-flung place is a bad idea. It gives car thieves the chance to easily move around and stay hidden, even if there are people around.

Take the Keys With You

Picking up food from a takeaway restaurant? We wouldn’t fault you for thinking that it’s safe to leave the key in the ignition because it only takes a minute. But be warned, you might come back to an empty space where your car was parked.

Close the Windows

Drivers often make the mistake of leaving windows open when they’re in a hurry. Don’t make that mistake and check all the windows before turning off and locking the car.

Lock the Doors

Again, it doesn’t matter if your trip will only take 5 minutes. You HAVE to lock the car, even if you’re parking in the safest area in the city. Outliers exist in every data point, and if you feel like you won’t be one of them, think again.

Get a Security System

A security system will not only alert you if your car is being broken into, but the alarms will also attract the attention of people around the car, preventing the carjacking as well as catching the thief red-handed.

Dealing with a Car Break In

Car theft and break-ins can happen to anyone, anytime. Sometimes, even taking all the precautionary measures necessary isn’t enough, and you may still find yourself getting the short end of the stick. In such cases, it’s important to stay calm and follow these guidelines.

Ensure Personal Safety

As soon as you figure out that your car doors and windows have been tampered with, be on your guard. It’s possible that the thief was interrupted by your sudden return and is waiting for you to arrive to access your keys and wallet. Look around and ask for help if other people are around.

Don’t Touch Anything

You’ll be tempted to look for the damage and rummage through the items in your car to see which ones have been stolen. Don’t! Your car is a crime scene, so touching anything unnecessarily will smudge possible fingerprints that can help locate the perpetrator.

Call the Police

If your phone is still with you, call the local police. If your phone was in the car and also got stolen, get help from a passerby or a security guard, depending on what area you are in. Take the emergency operator’s advice if police are a few minutes away and follow all their instructions to the tee.

Take Pictures

Documenting everything will help you later, with regard to the police report and insurance claim. Just remember to take pictures without touching anything.

Go Over the Events

When the police arrive, they’ll ask you questions about when, how, and what happened for the police report. Make sure that you write down and go over all the details so you don’t miss anything. More details are always better, as long as they’re accurate and you aren’t saying things that you know not to be true.

Check For Possessions

Go over all the belongings that were left in the car once the forensic team has ascertained the damage and collected all the relevant evidence. Make a list and give it to the police. Secure everything else.

Call an Auto Glass Repair Company

You’ll need a repair service right away if your windows were smashed in. If the break-in happened in Burnaby, British Columbia, Langley or surrounding areas, call us at Crystal Glass on (780) 436-8087 for on-site repair and replacement of auto glass. We are the largest automotive glass experts in the area and serve our loyal customers in over 50 locations.

File an Insurance Claim

While you’re talking to the auto glass repair expert, you’ll also need to take care of filing an insurance claim, given that your vehicle was insured. If you have the proper insurance coverage, check for these things:

  • Does my insurance cover the break in? If it’s comprehensive coverage, the chances are that it will. Your insurance will take care of the glass, windows, and mirror replacement as well as malfunctioning doors
  • Does my home insurance cover the stolen items? Your car insurance coverage doesn’t include the items that were stolen during the break-in so you’ll need to check with the home insurance advisor and figure out whether you can file a claim.
  • What are the deductibles against both claims? A higher deductible rate can mean that you don’t need to file the claim and can cover the costs of repair out of your own pocket. If the repair costs are $400 but the deductible rate is $500, it’s better to not bother with insurance.

 Remember that every claim you file can end up directly affecting your insurance rates, so unless you’re able to get insurance to pay most of the cost, it might not go in your favor.

Whatever the situation, we will take care of all of your glass needs, be it auto, residential or commercial. With over six decades of experience, at Crystal Glass we pride ourselves on providing only the top quality services and glass materials to our customers.

Got more questions? Check out these frequently asked questions to know more or send us a message on our website and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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