We all dream of building a comfortable home for our children and grandchildren; a place that several generations can call their own.

People have a ton of fond memories and sentiments attached to their homes, which is why saying good bye is so hard. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate in doing all it takes to elongate the life of your home and everything it contains, including the furniture and appliances.

One way you can protect your wooden furniture and make it last long is by investing in glass table tops. Let’s see how it works:

Why is it important to protect wood furniture?

Wooden furniture is the top choice of individuals who want to add a feeling of sophistication to their homes. It doesn’t just look elegant and sleek, but is extremely classy too.  Wooden furniture is not inexpensive, though. So if you have a good quality wooden table in your room, you probably can’t afford to replace it every few years.

Unfortunately, wood is highly prone to damage if no heed is paid to its maintenance. Since it has weak tensile strength, it’s highly susceptible to bending under pressure. It’s also easily affected by environmental conditions such as high moisture and other pollutants.

How do glass tops help?

Glass is a great protective surface. nowhere are some of the benefits of glass table tops:

  1. Versatility: Whether it’s a coffee table or a huge dining table, you can get custom cut glass tops to fit any size and shape. As an added bonus, you can even choose a design that complements the rest of the furniture and doesn’t look like as if it’s a separate unit.
  • Ease of cleanliness: Glass is a lot easier to clean compared to wooden furniture since it’s less susceptible to scratches and paint coming off. All you need is a good quality cleaning solution and you can make your entire table look immaculate and brand new.
  • A good alternative to table cloth: If you’ve covered your table with a table cloth to prevent damage, you’re doing injustice to the table and the intricacies of its design. With the help of glass, you won’t be hiding the beauty of your wooden furniture.

If you’re looking for a glass service to make custom made glass tops for your furniture in Alberta, get in touch with Crystal Glass. We also deal with all sorts of residential and commercial glass installation and repairs. Request a free quote now. 

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