Traditional office spaces have changed tremendously over the years.

From the mid-1900s, when office spaces were rigidly structured to manifest the strict corporate hierarchy, they have now evolved to become more collaborative and transparent.

Back then, top executives had closed personal spaces while general workers were cramped on the same floor. But now glass and frosted glass windows and walls have replaced the brick and mortar walls, with the spirit of promoting collaboration and transparency between team members.

If you need more reasons to install frosted walls or windows in your office, here are a few benefits that’ll convince you to opt for textured glass partitions:

They’re cost-effective

You don’t need to cover or paint your frosted glass windows. They save your money because they’re very easy to maintain.

If you opt for a completely clear glass window, you’ll require something to cover it when you need some privacy, but that’s not the case with frosted windows. You can easily make-do without spending extra money on curtains or window blinds.

They’re energy-efficient

Frosted walls and windows help brighten your space naturally by allowing the sunlight outside to travel into your office so you won’t have to turn too many lights on.

Different colors of frosted glass have different effects on the indoor conservation of energy. A recent study found out that light blue or green frosted glass windows reduce space daylighting and improve visual comfort in buildings.

Added security and privacy

Clear glass partitions promise a transparent work culture, but they can’t provide privacy when you need it.

Frosted glass windows allow you to work in peace without attracting a lot of attention all the time. They also provide added security by concealing the contents in your room. People who are outside can’t see what is laid out on your desk, and that can help you get the privacy and security you need.

Ideal for conference rooms; minimizes sound bounce

Don’t you hate it when people interrupt meetings by peeking inside to see if the room is unoccupied? A frosted glass conference room helps people know when the space is being used and when it’s empty.

Other than this, glass walls are very easy to sound-proof. All you need to use is a minimum half-inch glass and seal the joints in glass walls.

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