According to a government source, one of the most sure-fire ways of reducing your overhead costs is to revisit your energy consumption and see how they can be overcome. This includes controlled energy consumption, the use of energy-efficient fixtures, and looking for ways to reduce heat exchange. One way you can do so is by getting your windows replaced.

Ever wondered what’s the connection between windows and energy efficiency? We have explained the link in this blog, along with some other ways to reduce business overheads:

Lower repair and costs

Commercial windows need to be repaired and maintained regularly in order to last long. This is especially true in the case of window frames because they may need regular scraping, painting and insulating. Common window issues that may call for repairs include leaks and moisture problems, cracked glass, rotten window sills, heavy drafts, and stuck wooden windows. All of these add up to the company’s overhead costs.

However, if your windows are too old, you’d soon realize that the cost of maintenance will exceed more than the window is worth. Older windows also need regular maintenance and repairs because they’re more susceptible to cracks and gaps. At this point, total replacement might sound like a more financially viable option because it’s rare for a new window to need repairs.

Greater energy efficiency

Windows can either drastically boost the energy efficiency of your business facility or undermine it. Windows that are old, worn-out, poorly installed or leaky, greatly reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, resulting in higher utility costs.

Other than that, the right kind of well-sealed, window glass also controls the amount of sunlight that enters the facility. If the glass lets plenty of sunlight in, you won’t have to heavily rely on electrical lighting and HVAC systems.

The same happens in summers. If your windows have poor emissivity ratings, they can let excessive ultraviolet rays into the office facility, causing the temperatures to rise substantially. As a result, your air conditioning bills will rise. Whether your windows are inefficient or have poor emissivity ratings, now is a great time to get them replaced.

Greater Employee comfort

Employees don’t like working in an environment that’s too cold during winters and too hot in summers. It’ll add to their discomfort and consequently, affect the quality of their work. As a business owner, you can’t have de-motivated employees who are shivering through their day at work. When the quality of work is affected, so do the returns on investments.

Of all the ways you can add to workplace comfort, having insulated commercial glass is one of the most important ones. Although windows may seem like an inconsequential aspect of it, they minimize heat transfer and regulate the indoor temperature. As a result, the company has to invest less in other amenities.

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