Did you know

…that Crystal Glass prides itself on maintaining a safety-first environment?

As an employee of Crystal Glass there are many opportunities for you to learn about safety, our products and our company history. We provide online training and equipment for employees to be informed and safe while working for us.

Safety is extremely important in the workplace, and creating an environment where workers put safety first has been a priority for Crystal Glass. A workplace that has safety practices in place ensures that workers will suffer less workplace injuries. This benefits not only our employees, but our business as well. A workplace with less injuries will produce more successful, long term employees and greater cost savings to the business.

At Crystal Glass, we have implemented a safety program that uses several tools to promote safety first. We enforce the use of safety tools to protect employees in the shop area. Also, our online training program, Crystal Glass College, provides online instructional videos on safety procedures. Finally, we enforce safety practices as part of our workplace code of conduct.

Let’s review these tools available to you as an employee to ensure Crystal Glass remains a safe place to work for our employees and a great place to shop for our customers!

The Right Tools For Safety

There’s a saying, “A craftsman is only as good as his tools.” When it comes to safety, it’s important to have the proper tools as well, to be able to perform tasks with a lower risk of injuries.

At Crystal Glass, we provide several methods to ensure and enforce workplace safety. These methods combined are a way to make sure employees can practice safety at all times. The three methods we use are employee safety wear, situational awareness and education.


  • Employee safety wear
  • Situational Awareness
  • Education

Employee Safety Wear

Crystal Glass stores have offices and shop areas for our employees.All employees of Crystal Glass are required to wear safety wear when in the shop areas of our stores. If you work in the office area of a Crystal Glass store, you must put on protective wear when entering the shop area.

Safety glasses – Employees must wear protective eyewear when they enter the shop area. You are provided with a pair of safety glasses as part of your safety gear by Crystal Glass. Some technicians have their own safety glasses. Please check with a manager to make sure your glasses comply with our safety standards.

What they do: Safety glasses protect the eyes from injury. Covering the eyes at all times with safety glasses while in the shop area ensures you will never suffer possible injuries or blindness.

Why it matters: Projectiles can hit the eyes and cause pain and damage. Chemicals in the shop area can splash into the eyes causing potential blindness.

Hardened Toe Footwear– Hardened toe footwear is required to work at Crystal Glass in the shop area. The footwear must be CSA certified. If you work in the office area, you are required to change into hardened toe shoes when entering the shop area.

What they do: When you wear hardened toe footwear, your feet are protected from injury from falling objects. Glass panels are heavy and can cut through skin and break bones. Hardened toe shoes are the best option for footwear to protect from accidents.

Why it matters: Hardened toe footwear with anti-slip soles will protect employees from slipping and falling on spills. Slips, trips and falls are most injuries that impact workers. Having a good pair of footwear is your first line of protection.

Nitro Gloves- Employees are required to wear nitro gloves when handling chemicals in the shop area.

What they do: It’s important to protect the skin from toxic chemicals. Nitro gloves prevent chemicals from entering the skin and causing illness.  

Why it matters: Nitro flex Gloves provide protection from mechanical and chemical hazards. The resins used by technicians as part of glass installation should not come in contact with the skin.

Rubber Gloves – You’ll be provided with rubber gloves to wear in the shop area when handling glass products.

What they do: When you wear rubber gloves they protect your hands from sharp edges of glass. They also provide a “grip” for your hands when lifting and moving glass panels.

Why it matters: A secure grip with both hands on glass panels when moving from one place to another will prevent the glass from slipping and dropping. Broken glass can cause cuts and other injuries.

Ear protection: Ear protection is not mandatory, but it is encouraged. Repetitive exposure to loud machinery and power tools can cause hearing loss or impairment over time. Use your judgement on whether or not to wear adequate ear protection when in the shop area.

Situational Awareness

Another way of being safe in the workplace is called “situational awareness.” This is defined as being aware of your surroundings, and identifying and eliminating unsafe practices.

At Crystal Glass technicians work as partners, so you can communicate with one another if there are problem areas or situations that could pose a safety risk.

Below is a list of good ways to practice situational awareness. Remember, unsafe practices are what usually lead to workplace injuries and accidents.

  • Make sure work areas are clear to prevent slips, trips and falls.
  • Keep workspace clean and clear of spills.
  • Keep sharp instruments stored and clear of contact with workers.
  • Make sure all stools are secure.
  • Plan your route when moving glass. Identify obstacles and possible flaws in glass.
  • Practice proper lifting techniques – clear area for height, don’t twist your body, keep your back straight and bend your knees at a ninety-degree angle.

Not sure about how to perform a task? Speak to a supervisor on how to practice proper safety techniques. This is also true if you are visiting another location. Make sure you check to verify what practices at that location may different from your own.

Learn More!

Crystal Glass offers a comprehensive training program online, Crystal Glass College. Our online college training program online educational videos that discuss the tools and practices for a safety-first workplace and other information about our business.

Crystal College has two modules that discuss Safety & PPE and Safety in the workplace as part of the Level 1 course work. Here you will find helpful videos describing how to employ safety to prevent workplace injuries.

Want to learn more about Crystal College? Click here to read more about what the course offers our employees.

Remember: 100% of workplace injuries are preventable. Always practice safety first!


Safety is a priority at Crystal Glass. When employees have the right tools and education, they can practice safety in the workplace at all times.

We use multiple techniques to make sure employees understand how to be safe such as safety wear, situational awareness and employee education. Wearing the right gear, being aware of your surroundings and educating yourself on why safety is important makes you less likely to injure yourself or others.

Safe employees are successful employees who deliver superior quality products to our customers. Just another reason why Crystal Glass is a great place to work!

What are some ways you practice safety in the workplace? How does a safety-first workplace make a different for glass installation workers? We want to hear from you! Post your comments below!

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