Signs It’s Time For New Windows

Signs It’s Time For New Windows

If you’re lucky enough to own a house that was designed and constructed decades ago, know the worth of your vintage estate that deserves to be cherished and admired as long as it stands. However, not all homeowners of old houses are equally lucky. Your luck might run out when the doors start creaking, beams threaten to cave in and broken panes create a whistling sound at odd times.

True, it’s a blessing to own and live in a vintage home but it’s not as easy to maintain them as their foundations weaken with every passing year.

Eyes are windows to the soul and windows are the entryway to the soul of the house. A house can truly shave a few years off its age and look young and soulful with the right kind of windows at the right places. Old glass windows can be stained, cracked, chipped or spotted. There’s no use having glass in your architectural design if it’s not going to be clear and transparent. Just replacing all the glass windows will be enough of a makeover for your old house.  

Be it an arched window that’s a signature design of your residential architecture or awning windows that offer a delightful view of the scenery outside; they will run their course and be in need of a replacement at some point—and that’s when we’ll come in handy.

However, we do realize that having lived in an antiquated estate for a long time does create a sense of possessiveness in the residents. It’s the aging (read: decaying) columns and translucent window panes that you grow to live with. Your fondness for the structure that you call home can cost you its longevity if you refrain from getting repairs done when needed.

Here are all the signs that tell you it’s time for new window replacements or repairs.

Energy Bills

If your window is broken or cracked, naturally, it can’t fulfill the sole purpose it’s there for i.e. keep the warm air in during winter months and the cold air out. This not only makes it uncomfortable to live in cold regions like Western Canada but also cause a huge strain on your utility bills.

Calgary is one of those places where winter lasts longer than three and a half months. With snow blanketing the areas for this long, it’s expected to find temperatures dropping lower than 12-degree Fahrenheit. Alberta is in the same league as Calgary, because temperatures can fall to extremes like -40 degree Celsius and only get as warm as -5 degrees Celsius during the day.

With winters this severe, you can’t go a day without an efficient heating system installed in the house. If you have damaged windows that offer an inlet to the external chills, there’s no way that the heaters can operate at full capacity. You’ll keep paying more and more in the form of energy bills and the heating system will weaken to the point that it’ll completely stop working.

This is a valid enough reason to consider getting new windows in the house. With glass specialists like ours, you don’t have to worry about aesthetics or durability. We’ll offer you designs that match your tastes and fit the overall structure of the house best.

Condensation Between Panes

It’s not necessary that you plan for a window replacement or repair only when there are obvious damages. Double-paned windows trap air in between the layers of glass to insulate the house. The insulating air in between helps in keeping the premises warm and allow the heating system to work efficiently on full capacity.

However, if it’s been long since you got those windows installed, it’s highly possible that the insulating air has leaked and the vacancy between the window panes isn’t doing its job. A good sign of this is to spot tiny droplets of water condensing on the glass surface and pooling up at the base of the window frame. In the case of seal breakage, the air will escape and leave the gap behind for no reason.

Seal failure isn’t only a problem because of an acute rise in energy consumption but also due to the risk of mold infestation. For people who have fought this battle against mold previously, this is a red flag! The reason your window appears dirty and foggy is not just because of dirt but also mold and mineral deposits that accumulate in between the glass panes. The insulating air also prevented this from happening so this is all the more reason to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Excessive Noise Pollution

Outdoor noise can be a major discomfort for people who prefer a calm silence above everything else. This is also more commonly a cause of vexation for old-age people who have become sensitive in all their sensory departments. If the noise is becoming too much to handle and you can’t take it anymore, it’s time for a new set of windows.

Our glass window service is excellent for soundproofing homes and offices. We effectively insert premium-grade glass to prevent any air leakage that is causing noisy disruptions in the house. It’s essential that any glass pane that you insert blocks out drafts or outdoor noise. If you’ve gotten professional service from somewhere else in the past and noise ended up coming into the house, you need to be more vigilant while choosing a service provider this time.

We’re a trusted name in the area and the industry and offer residential window repair and replacement services in Edmonton and Calgary. We can repair, replace or renovate residential glass and make them energy-efficient and a clear window for the outdoor view.

Apart from window installments, we also provide services for mirrored closet doors, patterned glass, custom glass work, fireplace glass, beveling, polishing and more.

Don’t think twice before calling us anytime during the day because we’re ready to serve you round the clock.

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