beautiful view outside glass window

During a storm, the most vulnerable part of your home is the windows and glass doors. They are the most prone to being damaged in the storm and during its aftereffects. While the prospect of living through a massive storm, like a hurricane or tornado, is frightening enough, having to deal with damage to your home, especially your windows should add a whole other layer to your anxiety.

Here are a few tips to protect your windows and glass doors during a storm scenario. Allow us to give you some tips:

Protect Windows with Plywood

Plywood is a raw material produced from “plies” (thin sheets) of wood veneer, joined with contiguous sheets. In the building industry, it’s one of the most potent substances used. Plywood has applications in many areas, most of the need robust, high-quality, and resilient material. In scenarios like a storm, it’s the ideal material.

If there’s a hurricane approaching your area, a useful method to safeguard windows and glass doors is to use Plywood.  Plywood shutters are applied in every type of residence and are a highly successful guard against window damage during storms.

Add Storm Shutters

A great way to protect your windows, and in turn, your home, is through applying storm shutters to your windows. These are usually a permanent installation in windows that can be rolled down during a storm. Fitting storm shutters, while initially expensive, is an easy and time-efficient way to protect your home during a storm, as you need to roll them down during the storm.

Put in High-Impact Glass Windows

The ultimate solution to protect your windows during a storm is to install high-impact glass windows. These windows typically consist of two panels of tempered glass with a plastic film in between. There are numerous benefits to high-impact windows, such as:

  • Protection from high impact: During a storm, it could help protect the windows from physical damage. High-impact glass windows also provide assurance in other scenarios, such as a ball hitting the window.
  • Noise reduction: High-impact glass windows substantially reduce the amount of noise that enters the home. The lack of noise could make a storm feel less threatening and keep you calm during the ordeal. Furthermore, this would also limit unwanted outside noises in general.
  • Energy-efficiency: High-impact glass windows are highly energy-efficient, which could lead to lower bills and the end of the month.

If you require help on how to deal with glass windows during and storm and storm-proof your windows in case of a storm, reach out to us at 310-GLAS. Crystal Glass is a residential, commercial and auto glass repair service in Edmonton, and we have trained experts with knowledge on all forms of glass. Contact us for a free quote.