Regardless of your career choice, you can’t deny dreaming about working in an office like that of Google’s!

The sheer simplicity yet creativity of its interiors, the strategic placement of everything from an ottoman to every window and architecture that inspires ideas appeals to every eye.

The yearning to see yourself at a place such as that arises from your current physical environment. The plain four walls that stand between you and the rest of the workforce, secluding you from the team you’re supposed to collaborate with, not only act as barriers in your thought process but also in communication channels.

Instead of having interiors and décor that instill a sense of optimism to get through the day with a motivation to work through challenges, urban offices popularly borrow from color themes and designs that are conventionally same and plain-looking.

The key to improving productivity at work is to work with the environment you provide to your workers.

Each field of work requires a different setting to work in and only a unique set of environmental stimuli are conducive to the kind of creativity they require. Work without creativity is like new projects without innovation.

Flaws in Modern Office Design

Despite establishing professional offices on acres and acres of land or in multi-storey structures within skyscrapers, they lack productivity-prone elements that inspire interest and trigger action. Offices in this day and age need to break away from the emblematic white-washed walls and homogenous concrete structures that have successfully absorbed all creative juices from even the most talented of employees.

Nothing works as effectively as a workplace that is personalized to taste, customized for different needs and conducive to comfort. No one can comfortably stay glued to their seats from 9 to 5 without wanting to look at something other than their screens, or do something other than punch keys robotically. Everyone needs a break every now and then to walk around, stretch, socialize, caffeinate and enjoy different scenery than their workstation.

What do most offices have to offer to employees in need if not the same old white walls, white lights and a map of homogenously-designed cubicles?

Here’s why nothing—not even a handsome raise, benefits and paid leaves—can make employees love their workplace more than a workspace that’s interactive and interesting.

Google’s Office in Pittsburgh

If anything is the definition of a “cool office space”—as millennials like to term it—it’s Google’s office in Pittsburgh. Not only does Google dominate the cyberspace by being the most widely used search engine; it also has a statement-worthy office structure.

Employees are an asset to this industry giant. Google’s office designs convey a sense of comfortable workability and daring creativity.

Even though this office’s reception area is one of a kind with its bare brick wall and colorful, comfortable furniture, the rest of the workspace is what sets it apart. Instead of having conventional concrete walls that restrict visibility, mobility and hence inter-connectivity, Google creatively uses clear glass walls to its benefit.

This not only maintains its one-unit, one-team ideology but also lets ideas permeate otherwise impenetrable walls and infuse the work culture.

Twitter’s Office in Seattle

Even though it doesn’t come second to Google in terms of industrial share, Twitter is not far behind the number one contender in the ranking of the best offices.

Slightly different from Google’s minimalist approach yet equally (if not more) attractive, Twitter’s office design is definitely eye-catching. With décor and furniture that’s befitting a five-star suite, this office is not tastelessly extravagant but comfortably luxurious. But what separates it from the rest is not a generous show of opulence in its interiors, but an aesthetic use of glass walls and panels that makes it resplendent.

The way it works is by welcoming visitors and employees on first glance as the clear, transparent glass creates no barriers between the outside and the inside. Soft, warm lights don’t exclusively illuminate offices of senior executives or conference rooms but transmit to other parts of the office through the glass walls.

However, to avoid external noise or activities at the reception desk from disturbing the employees, glass walls act as safe noise cancellers which sound-proof cabins without compromising aesthetics.   

Square’s Office in San Francisco

Square’s workspace doesn’t bring something new to the plate other than what we’ve already been seeing but exemplifies a careful use of the same resources to enhance worker productivity.

It’s not uncommon to find conference rooms in offices generally to be constructed with glass walls. But it has never before been viewed as an asset for not just keeping appearances but maintaining morale. It’s important to realize that the core purpose behind having glass-paneled caverns in offices is not to abide by professional aesthetics but increase transparency.

This is not only great for boosting confidence in employees who know they’re being acknowledged and appreciated but also for maintaining supervision. By being directly in the line of sight of practically in the office, employees feel more accountable for their actions and correct their misdoings before they’re caught.

Glass conference halls are an iconic signature design which needs to be implemented on a larger scale in the entire office.

Glass is the Word

Glass is a new way forward for not only breaking the glass ceiling for gender demographics in the workforce. It is also what’s needed for busting the flawed perception of corporate professional offices that are set in our minds like concrete.

While funky interior wall art, bold colors, daring designs, and funky furniture may not be compatible with every line of work, glass is befitting for almost every professional setting. Its versatility offers an endless set of options to revamp your workplace for the better and make it more youthful and intriguing.

If absenteeism, worker turnover and less-than-adequate work quality is a cause of concern for your time, your office is due for a renovation.

We specialize in repairing and replacing commercial glass for workplaces in need of a renovation for better productivity. From rock chip repair to entire replacements, our specialists exhibit a performance of quality workmanship. Contact us if you’re based in western Canada.

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