Smash and grab crimes or harsh winters; both can be the reason behind the breaking of your automobile’s glass. But no matter what caused it, the first thing that needs to be done is to create a temporary barrier to protect the interior.

Snow, rain, pests, and thieves can access your car and cause several other damages. Here’s what to do if you’re in a misfortunate situation where your vehicle’s glass has been compromised.

Step 1

Wear thick gloves to remove all the glass safely. Use a hammer and tap to dislodge the remaining shards. Now dispose of the glass in a paper bag and vacuum thoroughly multiple times to get rid of any excess pieces that may have fallen inside.

Step 2

Without taking off the protective gloves, wipe down the window frame and seal to remove any leftover debris or dust. First, use a microfiber cloth and then sweep the surface with a wet cloth. Leave it until it dries completely.

Step 3

Prepare the window by using masking tape as a prerequisite. To ensure that the paint around the frame doesn’t chip, start layering the window frame with a two-inch-wide layer of masking tape.

Here are some ways to secure the temporary cover.

Duct Tape

Use clear duct tape to layer vertical strips from one side to the other side of the window until they overlap the entire window. To ease the process, open the vehicles door and start taping from inside. Once done, repeat the layering horizontally to make it stronger and durable.

Plastic Bag

Use a high-density plastic bag, and tightly seal it over the frame from inside. Now place duct tape and use another bag to repeat the process from the outside. You can also tape all over the bag so that it doesn’t puncture, break, or fly off.

Crash Wrap

Use high-quality plastic wrap to stick one side of the roll to the frame and roll it over all the way to the other side. Cut the required length or width and apply pressure to the plastic so that it sticks.


One of the essential things to remember about these hacks is that they’re temporary. Prolonging replacing the broken glass puts your car’s structural integrity and the life of your loved ones at risk. It’s also illegal to drive with temporary solutions in some states.

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