Need to replace your new home’s windows or are you just looking for a residential glass repair for your home windows?

Windows are a lot more than just a protective and decorative element of any building. They also add to the thermal performance and energy efficiency of your building. However, the wrong type of glass can cause your home to overheat in the middle of summers or even lead to air leaks in winters.

Picking the right glass for your windows can be a little tricky. They are usually an afterthought but they can make or break your home’s appeal.

Since there is a wide variety of glass to choose from, things can get a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, this post will clarify things for you!

Annealed or Float Glass
This is your standard glass for windows and isn’t strengthened or tempered at all. Float glass consists of sand, dolomite lime, soda sulfate blended with recycled broken glass. Recycled broken glass is added to accelerate the process of melting. It will sufficiently protect your building but it can easily be broken. In addition, annealed glass won’t improve energy efficiency.

Laminated Glass
It’s composed by inserting a layer of PVB between two or more layers of glass sheets. The interlayer boosts the sound insulation rating. Moreover, it is strong, durable, safe, and offers sound reduction. Even when broken, it won’t shatter into jagged shards.

Tempered Glass
It’s a safety glass that goes through controlled thermal processes to add strength. It’s four times stronger than annealed glass. When broken, it will shatter in granular pieces and not dangerous shards.

Tinted Glass
This is any kind of glass which is treated with a film or coating. It offers privacy while letting light into your building. It limits ultraviolet light transmission into your buildings.

Wired Glass
This isn’t a security glass but a fire-resistant glass. However, it’s still a good choice for safety but it won’t be as strong as laminated glass. Wired glass is commonly used in hospitals, schools, and other commercial buildings.

Insulated Glass
If you want an exceptionally energy efficient building, insulated glass is a good option for you. It reduces and prevents significant heat transfer and is most likely a double-pane or double-glazed glass

Low E Glass
This sort of glass lets light in through it but reflects thermal radiation. It’s a heat-reflecting glass that stays cool during the daytime but warm at night. It will supply great heat insulation and make your building more energy efficient. It is the perfect glass for your windows if you want to save up on your utility bills.

If you need commercial glass repair, residential glass repair, or if you’re looking to replace your windows, we would love to help you out!

At Crystal Glass, we have over 65 years of experience and certified technicians who have the expertise to assess, repair, replace, and even customize any type of glass with our quality services

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