Modern technologies assist drivers on the road. They help in pointing out the objects on the road and rings an alarm to alert you. You don’t need google maps as the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) will show a blue line on the road to guide you to your destination. These technologies are mounted either on the windshield or near it. So when you’re replacing the windshield, they have to be adjusted as well so that they can work properly without giving false alarms.

Re-Calibration of ADAS:

The process of calibration is complex, as it uses advanced instruments to set the sensors and cameras in their exact place. There are various tests and trials done before handing the car to the customer. You need to get your in-car systems re-calibrated by a professional to ensure that those features work properly.

Types of Calibration:

There are primarily two methods used for the calibration of the windshield. Sometimes your vehicle requires a combination of both ways. The service provider should be an ADAS-certified technician who can calibrate the systems properly. They will use one of the two systems or a mix and match of both to reach desired results.

Statis Calibration:

As the name suggests, static calibration does not require the service provider to drive the car; it is done using advanced instruments for cameras and sensors to be put in the exact place. Due to this reason, it is considered simpler than dynamic calibration.

Dynamic Calibration:

Dynamic calibration requires the service provider to drive the car at a steady speed to calibrate the windshield. They need to follow instructions from the car manufacture and set the pace and environment according to that. It is recommended to wait for an hour before calibration so that the windshield gets settled in its place.

Universal (Combined) Calibration:

Sometimes a calibration of both types is needed. You need to make sure that the service provider follows the instructions of the manufacturers. Universal calibration depends on the car’s model and vehicle.

Is Calibration Required?

The answer depends on the brand and model of the car you have. If your car has advanced features to guide you on the road and ensure safety precautions, you might need calibration at the time of replacing a windshield. A professional ADAS-certified service provider will assess your car to figure out if it requires windshield re-calibration.

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