According to WHO, over 1.3 million people die every year in car accidents. However, the latest automobile technologies are designed to lower these statistics and make travelling safe for drivers and passengers alike.

With revolutionary ADAS systems, there has been a  significant reduction in the rear end collisions of large trucks due to just forward collision warnings. Moreover, lane departure warning feature in ADAS systems has significantly reduced the rates of police reported head-on crashes.

What is ADAS?
The Advanced Driver Assistance System is designed to ensure vehicle safety by warning the driver of any possible collisions. They use sensors, radar, cameras, computer imaging, etc. to protect car passengers.

ADAS includes forward collision warning, lane keep assistance, lane departure warning, active brake assist, high beam assist, auto headlamp control, and traffic sign recognition features.

Your vehicle may have any of these features, so it’s crucial for your and your passengers’ safety that you recalibrate your vehicles by working alongside an automotive glass repair service.

What is ADAS Recalibration?
Your windshield plays an important role in your safety. The ADAS devices are installed directly on the vehicle’s windshield or sometimes behind it. However, even the slightest change in the windshield or car body can mess up the ADAS system. This change will require car owners to schedule an ADAS recalibration to avoid any roadside collisions.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that you recalibrate your vehicle after a windshield replacement, collision, or a change in tire or ride height.

Why do you need it?
The ADAS recalibration is essential to your passengers’ safety as it makes sure that your vehicle’s ADAS devices are properly functioning at all times. Since minor physical changes in the car, especially its windshields can cause them to malfunction.

It’s crucial that your vehicle’s ADAS recalibration is installed by technicians who have the right equipment and expertise. An improper ADAS recalibration can risk the safety of your passengers and other motorists on the road.

If you want a windshield replacement in Calgary or a windshield repair in Edmonton, don’t forget to look for a service that offers ADAS recalibration service. At Crystal Glass, our trained professionals are equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to recalibrate the ADAS in almost all vehicles.

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