In Canada, on average, 2000 people lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents, while 10,000 people sustain serious injuries annually. 

Car manufacturers are continually trying to enhance their models to make them safer and more secure so that the number of car accidents can be curbed.

Airbags, antilock brakes, traction control, and electronic stability control are a few modern features that help make your car more reliable.

These features serve different purposes. Antilock brakes facilitate wheel steering during hard braking your car — something that couldn’t be done before it was introduced. Whereas, traction control provides maximum control to the wheels on slippery surfaces such as wet or icy roads.

In the effort to provide more protection to you while you drive, features like these are introduced every year. The collective term for these advancements is ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistant Systems.

Smart Features of ADAS

ADAS use different software such as mapping systems, sensors, and cameras to put together the technological enhancements that can make your driving experience smoother and safer.

Some exciting features of ADAS include:

Automatic Parking: ADAS helps spot vacant parking positions and provides visual and vocal guidance to the driver to help park the car.

Intelligent Speed Adaptation: With the help of the GPS and a CD-ROM that contains the information of the speed limit of each road, the intelligent speed adaptation (IAS) system of ADAS helps drivers control the speed of their car safely and smartly.

Lane Change Assistance:  By using sensors and cameras, the lane change assistance system smartly signals to the driver when it’s safe to change lanes.

ADAS Windscreen Calibration

The intelligent driver assistant systems aim to improve driver security by employing modern-day smart solutions such as the features mentioned above and more.

All these systems require cameras to be installed at various angles in the cars to work properly. Which is when a windscreen calibration comes into the picture. A windscreen calibration helps retrofit cameras on your vehicle to provide maximum benefit to you.

It’s crucial to follow special procedures when you’re getting your windscreen installed to make sure that the cameras and sensors are correctly placed and not damaged.

How can I ensure safe windscreen calibration?

When you’re getting your windscreen installed or replaced, make sure that your go to an experienced service provider. Crystal Glass has been providing safe and effective glass repair and installation services for over 65 years.

Check all your sensors and cameras after getting your windscreen calibration. Also, check your ADAS features to see if the installation has been done correctly.

At Crystal Glass, we offer 24-hour glass repair and installment services for residential and commercial spaces. Visit our website or call us at 780-310-4527 for a quote in Edmonton.

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